Watches have long ceased to be functional accessories and have become trademarks of personal style, elegance, modernity and that also marks the hour. With the growing popularity of cellphones, many people began checking the hours there. But an elegant man who likes the convenience of seeing a watch knows the importance of choosing a good watch.

Men’s watches have stopped being something that is purely functional for a long time. This accessory also forms a man’s style. They are in the history of mankind and have many possible uses. From pocket watches that have evolved to watches today, a huge variety of choices. Many men continue to make mistakes at the time of purchase and today we will help you on this issue so that you find the perfect watch.

In order not to hesitate when looking for your new watch, today we bring some tips and model inspiration that will make you happy to see “old” watches.

The main factor: routine

Remember especially your routine when choosing a watch. It will determine the characteristics you should look for in this type of accessory so that it does not interfere with your daily tasks.

Want an example? If you wear a long-sleeved shirt or jacket coat in your work environment, there is no point in choosing a very large watch because it will definitely disrupt your movements.

If you like to exercise and think that a watch is needed, it is best to look for a more sporty model, not only to fit the style, but also to be more functional and perform better on the impact that sport can have on the object.

The diameter

The diameter of the watch body is the most obvious and extraordinary element of proportion. Men’s watches typically range from 38mm to 46mm. More than 46 mm starts to become too large and is usually reserved for fancy or striking clothing. Anything below 38mm can be tilted into jewelry and make it easier for women’s watches.

So how do you know which size is right for you?

Measure your wrist.

You can use dollars as hacking to measure. Modern US Coins are 6 inches long. Wrap it on your wrist to find the circumference of your wrist. If your wrist is 6 to 7 inches, you will have a small to moderate wrist size.

Unlimited Watch Type

From the most basic with only numbers and pointers to the most complex, with lights, temperatures, pressures, etc. Even analog watches (i.e. with pointers) with basic mechanisms can be more arrogant and have finer finishes, with leather bracelets and details on metal.

Meet some models of men’s watches:

Social watch

This is the most classic, usually with a thinner leather strap, several display elements (only with hands and numbers – or lines that represent every time) and thin edges, made of metal. Hamilton watches and Rolex watches are in the first list when you are dealing with this segment.

Casual watch

For those who work in informal offices, the freedom to wear a casual (or even the most sporty) watch is a little bigger.

The difference is on the screen, which shows numbers (or dotted lines) in a format that is more relaxed and in the material they are made. While social watches like the best Seiko watches are always made of metal, casual watches can be made of simpler metal, wood or even finer types of plastic. Their bracelets also don’t have to be from leather, can be in suede, cloth and even nylon.

Steel watch

That’s all steel, including bracelets, which are fully articulated. This type of watch is very successful among men and is one of the most common. Including, some men wear social clothes that are compatible with steel watches. When using it, evaluate whether it suits your production and the environment you will be attending, or is it worth investing in a more refined model.

Bamboo Watch

A sustainable bamboo watch is a must for every person who wants to live more eco-friendly and look fashionable. This bamboo product is getting noticed by many fashion influencers and brands are starting to produce their own lines of bamboo wrist accessories.

Digital Watch

Regardless of the type of bracelet, a watch with a digital display automatically refers to something more sporty. So pay attention when choosing your own to ensure that you will not make mistakes when using this type of accessory.

Which watch is more elegant?

To be used on more formal shows, pointing watches are certainly more elegant than digital watches, which are still very much associated with sports.

Follow your style

There are watches with the most diverse and definite styles, one of which is according to your wishes, very suitable for your personality and the way you dress.Sporty, classic, luxurious, simple, relaxed, wise … You are the person who chooses according to your personality and the personal image that you want to convey. Hopefully this article can help you to find a watch that best suits your personality and needs.

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