What if I said you might have been using your perfumes wrong? It’s just perfume, right? How can you go wrong applying some fragrance? Spritz some on and go about your day.

However, you might have noticed how a perfume can last an entire day, yet the same fragrance struggles to go beyond rush hour on a different day.

Well let’s just say, those ads and movies have all been showing us the wrong way – you don’t just rub your wrists and that’s it!

Fragrances and perfumes can be very expensive, so it’s only natural you wouldn’t want to waste any by applying it wrong. Well if you read on, you can learn numerous hacks – including how to double a bottle’s shelf life!

Let’s Touch upon the Basics.

There are layers to each fragrance and perfume. The layers are known as notes. The top note, which is temporary and the first scent you smell. The middle note is intense, which is noticeable later.

Then there’s the base note, that lingers for hours. The base note is dependent on whether you follow the below hacks.

  1. Do Not Rub It

The rubbing technique. It’s something we are all guilty of doing. At this point, it has taken on a near-mythical status where it’s the correct way of applying fragrance. Well, it’s actually the opposite.

Rubbing it on your skin can break down its smaller particles, which carry the scents and diminish the ability of the scent to last.

It also messes with the top notes. It’s important not to destroy the top notes since it’s by far the best smell. Avoid rubbing, let the perfume sit naturally, and wait for the magic.

  1. Store in Cool, Dark Places.

Storing fragrances in cool, dark places will stop heat, light, and humidity from breaking down their essence.

If the essence is diminished, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the overall quality of the fragrance will lessen. So instead of residing in your bathroom cabinet, place your perfumes/fragrances in dressing tables away from sunlight.

  1. Rub Vaseline On Your Wrists Before Spraying Perfume.

Apply Vaseline to your wrist before using any fragrance. Moist surfaces help lock in the scent and make it last longer.

  1. Apply After Getting Out of the Shower

Damp skin, like moist or slippery skin, locks in scent. Taking a warm shower will open your pores so the perfume can seep in and last throughout the day. When your body is free from dirt and small particles, the perfume reacts better.

  1. Mix with Toiletries

To elongate the amount of time you smell nice, incorporate a scent into your body care products. Mix a few drops of your favorite perfume into your body cream or lotion – especially one you use regularly.

In addition, there are heavily scented body lotions and creams available, which can help create an even more impactful fragrance.

For better results, apply an unscented lotion first. Same as with Vaseline, oily surfaces retain fragrances longer. Use these hacks especially if you have dry skin.

  1. Spray your Closet with Your Favorite Fragrance.

Faveable recommends lining your dresser with tissue that is saturated in your perfume. The continued scent will seep into your clean clothes and keep them smelling good.

In addition, it will also save the clothes from being ruined with perfume stains.

  1. Coffee Beans

When trying out perfumes and fragrances, we lose the ability to distinguish between smells after a prolonged period of time. The senses get overloaded and we end up with a perfume that’s chosen in a hurry.

When perfume shopping, experts suggest receiving assistance from coffee. Yes, really! Every time you have tested a few different fragrance samples, smell some coffee beans.

This should distract and neutralize any sensory overload from the perfumes.

  1. Sugar and Spice and Everything Floral

Just a tip: coat yourself with a blend of spicy and sweet floral fragrances to attract men. Floral scents are feminine in nature, while spicy scents give off a sexy vibe to lure attention. When combined, the men will be hard to keep away.

  1. Walk in The Scent

If you don’t want to overwhelm your scent with perfume, the best way is to spray the fragrance into an empty space and walk into it. The perfume will lightly fall over you, coating your hair and body. This will also help the perfume distribute evenly all over your body.

Go Out and Let the World Know!

With these hacks, a cheap drug-store fragrance can be utilized perfectly. Now that you know how to perfectly wear perfume, you can move onto deciding what kind and brand of fragrance would be perfect for you. Wearing it perfectly is as important as deciding what to wear.

Your fragrance determines your aura and the vibe you project to others.

Author Bio:

Angie Grey, an expert author from Faveable.com brings you all you need to know about fashion and grooming. She loves the outdoors and travels the world like a nomad.

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