The cornerstone of any affiliate marketing venture are the products or services the program is set-up to promote, so marketers will always be focusing on the potential income stream in particular topics. If you can combine a proven product with your own expertise there is no reason you shouldn’t make a good turnover. One subject definitely worth contemplating is web design. Many of the successful affiliate programs are geared to tie-in with technology, everything from e-books to gaming accessories. Homing-in on web design affiliates is taking that topicality to the next level, applying your own webmaster aspirations to encourge customers to invest in web tech. Of all the affiliate marketing niches, this is surely one of the most streamlined. If you join TopOffers network you’ll get a good overview of the range of programs currently available in this area. The numbers are increasing all the time, with many relating to WordPress alone. So what are five of the best web design affiliates?


One of the most popular of design programs, TemplateMonster offer their affiliates more than 26,000 products to sign-up to and are open to anyone. The registration process is simple, basically consisting of submitting your email details. Commission runs between 30% and 50% (and since the average template costs $90 you can see the scope this offers.) In order to promote their templates you are provided will all the relevant tools, from landing pages to a ready-made shop.


MOJO themes is less a web design affiliate as a marketplace incorporating established sites such as WordPress, eCommerce, Joomla and Tumblr. The total products on offer is around 2,000. Once you have an account your username effectively becomes your affiliate ID, allowing every customer who clicks-through to be tracked. MOJO templates cost £35 and if a sale is made you get 30% commission.


Wix is an online platform allowing users to customize templates in order to create an HTML5 site. Unlike many of the other web development programs it uses cloud technology which makes it interesting in terms of having a web service which can be readily promoted. Rather than selling templates their affiliate program works on how much traffic you can drive to Wix. While the flexibility offered by Wix means it is ever-popular with new site-builders, there are strict rules governing income and you are required to refer at least three sales each month. A Wix affiliate program isn’t based on a commission percentage per sale but a $100 flat fee for every premium user you encourage to sign-up, provided they don’t employ their 14-day cancellation option.

Elegant Themes

There are pros and cons to Elegant Themes, a WordPress affiliate program. It centres on the company 87 WordPress themes, and rather than investing in one template to promote, the marketer is actually signing-up to access the total of 87, based on gradiating pricing ranges for persol or developer use. They offer a very high commission rate – 50% – but the downside is this blanket coverage of 87 templates. Regardless of which type of client is accessing the templates, they are only likely to pay once and won’t use the same link for another one. You do get a commission payment when clients renew their yearly fees.

Liquify Design

Liquify Design offer marketers the chance to earn significant referral fees, running at 10%. When you take into account the various resources they offer – €14,000 to design a complete website, €14-30,000 for eCommerce solutions, and €11,000 for logos, as well as €130 per hour for maintenance, signing-up to a piece of the action could be lucrative.

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