Brassieres are an essential part of all women’s wardrobes, but when making this staple piece work for you, where do ethics come into play? As it turns out, several factors affect how ethical your bra is and whether it was manufactured sustainably.

Choosing ethical bras might seem easy, but it is essential to keep several factors in mind to ensure that your bras are sustainable. By choosing products made from environment-friendly materials, you can help reduce the severe impact of the fashion industry and support workers’ rights and fair working conditions abroad.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying:

Studies show that the global ethical fashion market recorded a valuation of $6.93 billion in 2021. A similar hype has transpired in the ethical lingerie industry over the last decade, thanks to the growing awareness amongst women. It is crucial to consciously shift the approach and pick ethical alternatives that reduce environmental harm. Please read on to learn more about how to choose such brassieres!

Look For the Perfect Fit

It is crucial to find the right fit for your bra size to find one that will give you the best possible support. The correct cup size will provide a more flattering look and feel. If you are still trying to decide your size, feel free to consult with an expert. There are several options for finding someone who specializes in fitting bras: visiting a professional lingerie store or boutique or asking a friend with knowledge of this topic.

Keep an Eye on Its Design

Different bras are designed for different occasions and clothing. Some people, for example, wear a different bra to work than when they go out at night. If you are wearing clothes that expose your chest area, it’s wise to wear a bra with a higher neckline and coverage.

When looking for comfortable, ethical brassieres, ensure the straps are wide and soft on your shoulders. If you are doing any physical activity or sport where you will be moving around a lot, look for a sustainable sports bra with good support in the cup area and wide straps that won’t fall off your shoulders.

Consider the Fabric Used

The first thing to consider is the fabric used in a bra. The kind of fabric determines how comfortable you would be. If you are looking for an everyday bra, choose natural fibers like organic cotton or hemp, which will be more breathable and absorbent.

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It’s also a good idea to look for products made with non-toxic materials such as lyocell and Tencel. The best way to tell if your bra is ethical is by checking for tags that say things like organic, fair trade, or recycled.

Analyze Your Budget

When it comes to ethical brassieres, you want to ensure that you buy the right one for your budget. Bra prices vary depending on the brand, material, and style. When hunting for the perfect sustainable bra, have an estimate in mind and allow yourself a certain amount of price tolerance.

It is vital to note that poor-quality bras manufactured by following unethical practices often stand to be cheaper. However, one must opt for ethical bras that are produced the right way and also turn out to be safe for the planet. While you may have to pay slightly more than usual, it ultimately takes all the worth!

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