Okay, okay, you are a Spotify musician. Or you are a friend of Spotify musician. Who is not a Spotify musician yet? Almost everyone has an account on Spotify, and a lot of people are uploading their music there. But do you know what struggles the average musician has to overcome? Do you know what parameters determine your popularity on this platform? And I am 100% sure, that you have no idea that Spotify monthly listeners are the most important for your success. Do you want to know more?

This article isn’t for everyone, it is mostly targeted ad musicians. No music listener wants to know how the music is selected, he wants the end result. But a musician has to know how the music is selected to tailor his releases, so they will be more popular and attractive. And yes, there are some tips and tricks you can use to make your release better. But, the majority of success comes from the algorithm itself. If the algorithm doesn’t treat your song right, no trick will help. Those algorithms have no stop, they always push and push you, and if you really, really want to get something from Spotify, you need to act. And sometimes the acts you have to take aren’t as convenient or popular as you want them to be.

Yes, I am talking about music promotion. To some of you, music promotion may sound like something unfair, but let me assure you, there is nothing unfair about music promotion. Of course, I am talking about a real music promotion, because fake promotion gift fake results and casts a dark shadow over the natural and organic promotion. Natural and organic promotion works with real people, not fake accounts. And you have to remember that every time, when you will type “Spotify promotion”.

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I know, it’s the life of a musician isn’t easy, you have to balance your life between creative process, looking for an opportunity to share your music, love life, social life etc. And getting more problems in the place where you were hoping to get no problems at all isn’t the best impression that Spotify can leave. But it is what it is. And you have to live with it. Yes, Spotify is very popular, it gives a lot of opportunities. And we have to grasp all those opportunities, no matter what. And in this case, buying some of the monthly listeners doesn’t seem like a biggie. And it really isn’t. Thousands of musicians do it, and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t do it. The more musicians will promote their music, the more happy will the audience be, because they will hear new music, and not the music by the musicians they already know and like. Now, Spotify is like a pool, where water isn’t moving and flowing, and music promotion can really start those flows going. Don’t stop yourself and your career, promote your music, because your songs deserve to be popular and loved!

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