It takes a long time to make money, save money and dare to invest. Multiple investment scams are going on in the world that makes promises but doesn’t fulfill them even once. They form a scam mesh of big profits, quick money-making guarantee, and 100% success around innocent people. 

Such scams give small profits to the people earlier to gain their trust of more investment and run away when got significant amount. So, instead of quickly indulging in any opportunity offered, always make a detailed research about that.    

Scammers make strategies so cleverly that alike no one could be more trustable than they are!

Following are the most common investment scams many people went every day: 

  • Cryptocurrency Scams: 

Scammers usually target well-known platforms making profits of millions. One of those platforms is the cryptocurrency including Bitcoin and other digital currencies. As more and more people try to indulge, the scammers take advantage of this hype and start posting fraud ads on social media indicating uncountable profits and return schemes to attract them. 

Those who contact them, the scammers’ picture their strategy like they will do in real life and convince you to invest in it. They also create fake websites and Apps to assure you that they are genuine traders. It will show your trading graph that has nothing to do with reality. 

Once you have transferred a substantial amount, you will not be able to withdraw your money or neither get any profit nor be able to contact them. 

Background Of Dollar Bills With Scam Alert Text Written With Marker On Notepaper

  • Forex trading scams: 

Forex trading is another largest financial market in which investors make megabucks through buying and selling currencies. But, it is utterly daunting to step into trading, learn to manage, and start making profits like the ones in the forex broker listing. So, many scammers start running fake forex ads calling people to get into the market, enjoy easy trade and earn uncountable profits. 

They convince you enough to send your money to an account to begin your trading that can’t get accessed later, and you will lose your whole amount.  Furthermore, these scams also offer courses and software with a 100% guarantee of success, but it is not true at all. 

  • Ponzi schemes scams: 

Ponzi schemes are also a common way of doing fraud with new investors. In this investment scam, the scammers take money from newbies of trading and pay it to the existing investors. Such scammers take their first step from social media and contact people to invest through apps and receive high returns that in reality make no sense of truth. 

Initially, they do what they promised, which means a great return. It makes such scammers’ work easy to convince you to invite more people for it. On receiving a pool of money, they disappear, leaving investors astonished at what has happened to them!    

  • Share market scams: 

Many scammers try to encourage you to buy a share of a particular company and make infinite profits. They behave like you will receive a secret tip to become a millionaire within days, but all goes in vain later.

Such scams you receive through emails or get to know about them through social media selling best stock advice of the year. Once you get into their fraud and share your money, it could leave you empty hands.   

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