If you are a crypto lover or have invested in some cryptocurrency, or intend to know more about crypto and its features, you must be looking for some crypto new source. In this modern era, people have access to everything on their smartphones. The same is the case with crypto, as there are many applications available on android that can keep you updated with every latest news related to cryptocurrency. If you are looking for such apps, then below are some top apps for crypto news that are shortlisted like this trading app.

Top Android Apps for Crypto News


The app that takes the top position is one that provides updates about anything related to bitcoin, blockchain, or crypto mining. Taking new updates from various platforms, CryptoNews maintains a consistent and reliable stream of industry information with new tools. It provides consumers with the choice of receiving pop-up smartphone messages for immediate updates but regulates push notifications based on location to prevent annoying warnings at inappropriate times. The application often shows cryptocurrency rates, with a neat widget displaying recent rises and declines on specific coins, indicating fluctuations in a cryptocurrency market happening every minute.

Blockfolio Bitcoin

This Android platform allows investors to monitor over 2,000 virtual currencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Dash, and Litecoin. This not only helps a consumer track coins, but it also enables users to manage digital currency expenditures with a function that allows consumers to manually record expenditures while offering alerts on price falls or increases. With a clean and user-friendly design, Blockfolio Bitcoin also allows users to browse candlestick graphs, order books, and price data for specified digital currencies.


Reddit is very famous in the crypto-community as a prominent source of news on virtual currency, and the same is true for the app. Taking the same idea as Reddit sites devoted to different subjects, the software offers consumers access to updates and alerts on market fluctuations. Although the application used to have problems with site surfing and viewing longer-form posts, it’s no longer a concern, and the application runs fine. One thing to keep in mind would be that the articles come from Reddit members, so the source may not be as reliable as it would be from a reputable news source. Despite this, consumers will be allowed to upload factual and trending content, which implies that deceptive news will be excluded. Reddit is available for free download, but it contains ads.


This is a fully personalized news channel that can teach you all you want to know about digital currencies. The developer’s software is well-designed and offers all of the detail you need to have in one spot. Though you might be familiar with this as a market exchange and research tool, the developers have now begun monitoring cryptocurrency rates, making it a public favourite. Pointless to mention, the platform has earned several awards from leading technology professionals and crypto reporters. If you are ok with ads, then you are good to go.


This software not only delivers news reports on a variety of digital currencies and Ethereum, but it also provides comprehensive graphs based on the market fluctuations of specific coins, including an analysis on how the rates have changed through time. Furthermore, the software allows users to manage their cryptocurrency investments within the application. It offers overviews about how much profit they have earned or lost in trade on a daily basis. Another important function of Investing.com is the simple currency converter; that feature enables consumers to see a market transaction between different currencies instantly. Although the application is free, it does have ads that could be disabled through an in-app payment.


This is a really straightforward application. While the title indicates otherwise, it merely provides you with the most recent updates on Bitcoin and many other digital currencies whilst still keeping you up – to – date regarding their price regularly. You may also configure the software to notify you whenever the price hits or exceeds a certain level. Given how important time can be in the field of cryptocurrency, this is a convenient function to have on board. The software is suitable to use, and also the interface design is modern and fast to use. If you’re interested in Ethereum, the application even has a specific Ethereum website.

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