Poker bots ruin the online poker gaming experience at non GamStop casinos [valid where legal] and rip off players. According to poker pros, poker bots can also be recognized as such because the artificial intelligence behind them is too “dumb” for the complex game. Is playing poker really still one of the big hurdles for AI, and what advances have poker bots made? In the meantime, powerful poker software can even beat professionals, and a new online poker platform even wants to improve the tournament experience with poker bots. We take a look at online poker bots and how they affect gameplay.

What Are Poker Bots at Non GamStop Casinos?

A bot is software that takes the place of a human player in a computer or online game. The term bot distinguishes independently acting software from a mechanical robot that performs actions in the real world. Bots use artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate player-like behavior and perform with appropriate skill levels.

Bots can be part of the game or the original software, so that players can, for example, compete alone against computer opponents or play a multiplayer game without an internet connection. But bots can also run parallel to the game as external software and interact with it.

Poker bots take over all actions of a player on an online poker platform. You can interact with the interface to participate in different forms of the game. The actual player can monitor what is happening and possibly intervene or correct it. However, the idea of the autonomous game is that poker bots play independently over long distances and in this way bring the player success, for example in the form of tournament wins and cash wins in cash games.

How Do Online Poker Bots Work?

Poker bots are software that a player uses to automate online poker play and improve their odds. There are basically two variants:

The software understands the rules of the game of different types of poker and the player can influence the game behavior to a large extent, for example by determining strategies and hands to be played. This may require some programming work, but at least advanced game knowledge and general poker and game theory.

The software is ready for use and the player only has to get the poker bot ready to go, i.e. provide access to an online poker platform. This variant is primarily aimed at players who cannot or do not want to make any fine adjustments and want to invest less time.

Poker strategy consists of dealing with uncertainty about opponents’ hands. Poker players make decisions based on probabilities and derive pot odds, for example. Players look for action in the form of a bet or call with a high positive experience value, or they fold from the round.

Poker bots are particularly good at one thing: they are excellent at calculating the current hand’s winning probability, taking into account all known things such as community cards and the number of players left in the hand. They are not subject to any cognitive bias, as can happen to players who draw the wrong conclusions.

Furthermore, poker bots can very well reduce the game to its essential elements and determine good starting hands and rule out irrational starting hands.

However, the complexity of the betting rounds with the three actions bet, call and fold for all players poses a challenge for poker bots.

They react inappropriately to particularly aggressive players or strategies such as three bets and continuation bets over the long term. Poker bots bring little variance to the starting hands and can therefore act predictably. Bluffs are difficult for bots to recognize or even execute.

However, poker bots are varied and powerful enough to play various poker variants and forms and can participate in cash games or tournaments. Poker bots have an easy time playing cash games with weak players and can make a profit over a long period of time despite low stakes.

Are Poker Bots at Non GamStop Casino Illegal?

Many online poker players use software to improve their game. For example, poker tracking tools are legal tools that can evaluate statistical data during the game so that players have more information and can make appropriate decisions.

Bots per se are not illegal and are used, for example, in the research and development of artificial intelligence. In computer games, aids such as automatically aiming at opponents are considered cheating and are prohibited.

Strictly speaking, poker bots are not cheating like counterfeit playing cards or trick shuffling. However, players who use a bot have advantages over others and non GamStop casinos therefore prohibit its use.

Anyone who is caught with a poker bot must expect sanctions: the operators usually confiscate credit and winnings and block the player and the IP address on the platform or in the poker network.

Poker Bots on Non GamStop Casinos

All well-known and renowned online poker [valid where legal] providers prohibit the use of poker bots on their platform and actively take action against players with bots. Of course, no online poker room wants to provide information about the presence of bots on their own platform.

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In the terms and conditions, the operators exclude advantages from bots and actively against players with unauthorized tools such as poker bots. Professional players estimate that up to two percent of the players on the well-known online poker sites, especially at the gaming tables with low stakes, are represented by bots.

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