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While the very first online slots may have only had a few paylines for players, as technology has grown that number has steadily increased. The standard number of paylines of the best online slots today sits at 25, there are many impressive video slots with this amount of paylines. 

How Paylines Work 

While paylines may seem like a complicated concept if you are a newer player, the truth is that they are actually very simple to understand. A payline is simply a description of the number of lines in which a payout can be awarded to players, essentially meaning the amount of times a player can get a win. The more paylines that a slot has, the greater the chance will be for the player to score a win! Paylines can appear in many forms, including horizontal, vertical and even diagonally. The amount of paylines a slot can have varies wildly, with some boasting of having over one hundred. The average amount of paylines for a slot sits around 20 – 25 paylines. 

Top Slots with 25 Paylines 

Though 25 paylines may only be the average amount, don’t let that put you off from trying the following 25 payline slot online [valid where legal]: 

  • Mega Fortune is a slot which was developed by NetEnt and it is arguably one of the most popular progressive jackpot slots currently on the market. Featuring 25 paylines, as well as five reels, this slot promises big rewards for players thanks to it’s exciting bonus games. These are the free spins bonus and the mega fortune bonus game!
  • Blood Suckers was developed by NetEnt and it features an amazing RTP of 98%! There is more to this spooky slot than it’s high RTP however, Blood Suckers also has amazing graphics and sounds which create an immersive experience for players to enjoy.

Choosing the Best Number of Paylines 

When choosing which paylines you are going to be using, it is important to bear several things in mind beforehand as the number of paylines can seriously affect a players bankroll and overall payout.

  1. Bear in mind that each payout on a slot can be considered a separate bet being made, this means that each line that is active will usually cost the player one more coin.
  2. Players with a smaller bankroll are advised to lessen the amount of paylines which they use, this is because this will help extend the amount of time that they are playing the game and also lower their chances of losing money.
  3. Playing with the maximum amount of paylines available is a great strategy if you are a high roller, for other types of players they will simply see their bankroll depleting at a rapid rate.
  4. If you are playing a progressive jackpot slot, players will have to use all available paylines in order to be eligible for the maximum jackpot. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right paylines for you is incredibly important, luckily the standard 25 paylines seems to suit every type of player. There are always options to increase the amount of paylines in slot variations.

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