We all know that Las Vegas is famous for the Strip and the many casinos that are available. But there are a lot of other things that you can do in Las Vegas besides gambling. If you do not intend to spend all of your time in the casinos, then take a look at the alternative ideas below and broaden your horizons.

  1. Learn about the History of Las Vegas with the Pioneer Trail

Walking around Las Vegas is probably something that you would never have thought of. But if you want to get away from the crowds on the Strip, you can go on the Pioneer Trail. When you do this, you will learn a great deal about the history of the famous city.

The Pioneer Trail is an interactive map which will guide you to historical locations that most people do not know anything about. If you are feeling particularly lazy, you can hire a car and drive to the Old Mormon Fort for example. Here you will see an unusual museum which is well worth a visit.

If you can manage the walk, the Pioneer Trail is completely free. There are some other very interesting places on the trail such as a famous old home which is called “the Castle”. Something completely different is a visit to the Woodlawn Cemetery if you prefer a “spooky” experience.

  1. Sample the Beautiful Fountains at the Bellagio

The water fountains at the Bellagio are truly a sight to behold. There are over one thousand fountains that will shoot water jets to around 500 feet in the air. This is a very popular free attraction that always draws the crowds.

When the fountains are in operation, they are normally accompanied by music from Tiesto or even Frank Sinatra. If you visit the fountains during the day, there is a show every 30 minutes. There are more fountain shows at night every 15 minutes. The lights make the Bellagio fountain show look even more spectacular.

  1. Step Back in Time at the Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is another great choice which few people will visit. Here you can see the neon signs used by old casinos and other businesses that are no longer in existence. There is a guided tour available at the Neon Museum which is the best option. You can learn so much about the history of Las Vegas with this.

For the very best experience at the Neon Museum, you need to visit after dark. You don’t want to miss the “Brilliant” presentation. This is a video, light and musical display that lasts around half an hour. The very first integrated casino in Las Vegas was the Moulin Rouge and you can see this at the La Concha center most of the year.

  1. Take a Trip to Red Rock Canyon

If you want a complete change of scenery from the Strip, the best thing to do is to take a trip to the Red Rock Canyon. This is a conservation area where you can see crimson-colored cliffs and experience canyon trails.

Las Vegas is in the desert and it is surrounded by canyons and mountains. A visit to Red Rock Canyon is a must. You can go on a hiking trip to take in the canyon. It is very likely that you will see some climbers in action on the canyon.

  1. Get a taste of Chocolate Heaven

Few people know that Las Vegas is home to some of the finest chocolate makers in the United States. There is a boutique chocolate factory called Ethel M. This is located in Henderson and you can’t miss it because it has a large cactus garden at the front.

To the West of the Strip, you will find the retail shop of Jean-Marie Auboine. They are chocolatiers who have been selling their fine chocolate to most of the high-end hotels on the Strip for many years.

If you are looking for a different chocolate experience, Hexx Chocolate is the best option. They make chocolate the original way with cacao and sugar and sometimes a touch of vanilla and milk. You will find Hexx Chocolate at the Paris.

  1. Party at the Peppermill

If you are in the party mood then the Peppermill has what you are looking for. This is a diner that has a lounge that is used to hosting late night parties. People can order their favorite cocktails and congregate around the cozy fire pits.

The Peppermill has two parts. At the front you will find a 24 hour diner and at the rear is the special lounge for those all night parties. You can really get your disco groove on in the lounge. It will take you back to a time when disco music ruled.


If you really miss the casino experience then you can always play online. Find a casino with low deposit [valid where legal] that you can play on your computer or your smartphone. Get out and experience the side of Las Vegas that few people see. Of course, no trip to Las Vegas is complete without visiting a casino so make sure you do that as well.

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