Gambling is simply a way of making money online but despite the obvious nature of the risks that come with it, is it really that costly? How about the option of playing for free, would you reconsider then? Well, we are reviewing free spins, an online casino bonus that is perhaps the most commonly used form of online casino reward. It cuts the risks right down but is there any profit to be made? Step this way and we will reveal all about the offer that players from Ireland swear by.

Online Casino Promotions

One of the biggest online markets is in Ireland, the perfect setting in which to review these free spin bonuses. Within every Irish casino there is an abundance of offers to be found, but should they be used and are they are any real worth?

When looking at the data, it would suggest that Irish players love a free reward. The tracking of this data can be found in the impression statistics taken from such sites as We spoke with Olga Byrne the site’s Editor-in-Chief regarding the popularity of offers like free spins no deposit Ireland [valid where legal] gambling platforms are offering.

“Our service is to primarily introduce Irish players to legal and reputable online casinos. Secondly, we specialise in supplying exclusive bonus content which can be claimed and used by all new members that register with any of the top Irish casinos through our website. We are able to track the movement of users on our site and can see that all things flagged as ‘free’ get the most traction and interest, be it our free games or free bonuses.”

What are Casino Free Spins?

So, what are free spins? Well, depending on the Irish casino that you join, and the promotion set out for the Irish players at any given time, it can vary. Free spins are essentially free goes on games. Now, you may instantly think that free spins are automatically associated with online slot machines and you would be partially correct, but the bonus of free spins can, in fact, be used on other games.

So, how many spins do you get? Again, this is something that always changes depending on the promotion at the time. The numbers can vary, being as low as 5 within certain promotions, rising up to 500 in others.

There are many different forms of promotion, so let’s take a look and break them down, so you know what to expect from them when you find them on offer inside any of the Irish casino platforms you can join.

Welcome Bonus Free Spins: The welcome bonus is a reward for newly registered Irish players. It’s a one-off bonus that, as a free spin, can give you up to 500 free goes on games inside the casino. This bonus often comes with the requirement of depositing funding into your account first in order to activate the allowance.

Free Spins No Deposit: The Freest of all free spins is the No Deposit bonus of free spins. This promotion offer gives players from Ireland a 100% free reward without the need of paying any deposit into their account to activate the offer. The number of spins are minimal with this promo. At max, you may receive up to 50 free spins.

Loyalty Free Spins: By being a member of a casino and putting the time and effort into playing, you will be rewarded with special loyalty rewards. These are mere thank you rewards for being a committed member. The bonuses of free spins are often tailored to your favourite games. The number of spins is minimal yet again, ranging from 5 to 25 free spins.

Game of the Week/Month Free Spins: To celebrate the release of a special new game, casinos will often provide free spins for highlighted games should a deposit be made firstly into an account to play with. Free spins can then be claimed via bonus codes and real money won in return from them.

Casinos Offering Free Spins

As all casinos are different, their bonus terms on free spins are not all going to be the same. Reading the bonus terms and conditions (t&cs) are highly important to know exactly what you are getting and how to properly use the free spins you receive. With the offer of free spins no deposit, you might not need to pay, but you’ll learn when the offer expires, what the eligible games are and you will know all about the important factor of the wagering requirement.

Off all the terms set against bonus offers, the wagering requirement is the most important because it relates to the rules regarding the withdrawal of winnings.

If you opt to use a casino bonus and you win with the money provided, that’s not the end of the deal. You will have to pay out a lot more should you wish to keep that money.

The wagering requirement can demand that anything up to 75x that of the bonus claimed to be paid into your account and played with before the winnings made from the bonus money can be claimed.

So, if the wagering requirement asks for 35x that of the €100 bonus you got, then you need to pay in and play with €3,500, to be able to claim whatever amount you won using the €100 bonus money. So, if the profits of the win are less than the total of the wagering requirement, then there is no reason to pursue such costly demands because you will often be asked that the total is paid and played within 90 days.

In-Game Bonus Round Free Spins

But there are other ‘free’ forms of the bonus like free spins no deposit and these free spins are found within the actual game. For players from Ireland, slots are the most popular game because they are easy to play, dynamic in entertainment, and they offer bonus rounds, features, jackpots. The features and bonus rounds that you can activate within an online slot, rewards players with free spin rounds, giving players the chance to spin reels at zero cost to their bankroll. Inside some online slots, you can activate unlimited free spins.

So, are free spins worth it? Well, yes and no. If they are 100% free then any outcome is done with no risk, you win, you win. If you lose, well, it didn’t cost you anything in the first place. If free spins are claimed through a deposit and, therefore, a cost, free spins carry the weight of risk whereby you may not win anything at all. Gambling by its nature is about taking the risk, so for many players in Ireland, they still see it as an opportunity that is worth the risk, and worth the excitement of winning real money for free, even if it is paid for.

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