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The most important decision in the F-1 driver market. What does Alonso’s new contract with Aston mean?

For those who will do in Rabona betting, it is useful to know that Fernando Alonso did not lie: as promised the two-time world champion, he decided quite early whether to continue his career at the age of 42, and at least for two seasons extended the agreement with “Aston Martin”. Rumours at the same time sent the Spaniard to Red Bull with Mercedes. Why Alonso decided not to change the team and what does his move mean for other pilots and teams?

Why did Fernando choose Aston?

Alonso’s form at the start of the 2024 season gave the Spaniard no reason to think it was time to retire. If that was the case, Fernando had to decide on a team. It is clear that it made no sense for him to choose the option “for the future” – you need a place where you can win now or very soon.

Actually, to win on a regular basis now it is possible only in the “Red Bull”, and to the category of potential winners can be attributed “Ferrari” (there are no seats, there’s even a beautiful Sainz put out), “McLaren” (there are also no seats), “Mercedes” and “Aston Martin”.

About “Mercedes” Alonso said recently, after the Japanese Grand Prix – say, the Germans are now in the Constructors’ Cup behind, cannot deal with their car, so do not look attractive option. There was still “Red Bull”. According to some rumours, the “bulls” were interested in the option with Alonso: the signing of Fernando allowed creating a super duo of racers and at the same time to secure “Red Bull” in case of sudden departure of Max Verstappen.

But only the threat of Max’s departure has passed or almost passed, and in such a situation it is not quite clear why “bulls” to refuse Sergio Perez – as the second number he is most often wealthy. On top of that, Yuki Tsunoda is progressing well at RB, plus Red Bull seems to really want to bring back Aleksander Albon in 2026. So what – signing Alonso for just one year? That’s kind of a strange move – pretty pointless for both sides.

So, with all the abundance of options it turned out that Fernando hardly had better options than to stay in the progressing Aston and hope that the team will really shoot in 2026. Reasons for optimism are there: the new base is already partially functioning, soon to enter into operation wind tunnel, from the top stables poached a lot of strong engineers, and from the season-2026 the team will become a factory, moving to the motors “Honda”.

By the way, some thought that the cooperation of “Aston” with the Japanese just may put a cross on the future of Alonso – as you can see, it is not so. Time is the best doctor. “Honda” since Fernando’s remarks about the engine for GP2 has created the best power train in F-1 and, obviously, is able to leave behind the previous misunderstandings.

Enough with the travesty of overtaking. F1 must make a bold decision

Last week’s Japanese Grand Prix did not impress fans too much, judging by some online votes. The race on “Suzuka” turned out, of course, more cheerful than in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, but not even up to the Australian Grand Prix, which, let’s be honest, was also not too exciting. In this could be seen by those who made in Rabona betting.

And why so? Overtaking a lot, different tactical schemes, denser peloton, what is missing? And not enough fight – because all of it is nullified by the presence of DRS. The very system, which in the paddock for some reason is considered the saviour of the entertainment of races, in fact makes them only more boring and predictable.

Now in Formula 1 is preparing a new technical regulation – it will come into force in 2026. It is assumed that the engines will become easier and more accessible, and the cars will make a little lighter and more compact. However, in the latter we should not expect major breakthroughs: refuelling is still prohibited, and therefore bolides must have giant fuel tanks. Anyway, they are trying to find a solution – and that’s good. There is other news for those who intend to do in Rabona betting.

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