Slot games are one of the most popular forms of gambling in the world. They appeal to a huge range of people and are easy to understand, plus they don’t take much skill to play. However, knowing how to play and them well can take a while to learn. Don’t forget to claim your slot games promotions [valid where legal] when you join.

If you’re new to playing the slots, here’s a quick rundown of the basics to get you started.

How they work

Slot machines are generally designed with three reels, each of which has a range of icons. To get a payout, you need a winning combination of icons or symbols. Most machines will have a single row as “your combination”, and won’t count anything above or below it. Others might go in a zig-zag pattern, or count any visible combinations that make a line from one side to the other.

How the reels spin varies by machine. Some will have one button that stops all three one after the other, while others will have a button for each reel. In some cases, it might even stop automatically after a random delay.

There are two general ways to win: the payout and the jackpot. The payout is the ‘normal’ kind of win, and will often relate to how much you bet. The jackpot will be a much larger sum of money that’s harder to get, and might appear or a digital display nearby. Some jackpots are stable whereas others change based on the bets going on nearby.

Video slot games are a five-reeled variant that offers larger payouts. They have more gameplay features, but the five reels make ideal combinations rare. Some slot games will have special symbols that count as extra bets or spins, but this isn’t guaranteed.

How betting works

Many people prefer to play slots digitally from their computer or mobile phone. There aren’t many functional differences, but the experiences vary significantly. Online slot games are much more accessible, but lack the casino atmosphere that you get in real life. On the other hand, a real-life game can be harder to walk away from, and it takes more time to actually get there.

The betting process is also different – in real life, you have to insert money into a slot and bet that way. In digital games, you usually have to bet from a credit card that’s linked to your account on the site. In both cases, you don’t have to bet all the money you enter in one go – you can adjust the betting amount and ‘save up’ what’s left.

Once you’ve won a jackpot or payout, winnings money will get added to your betting money.  You can cash out at any time and exchange them for real money, although the rules vary from casino to casino. Casinos will sometimes offer alternate ways to cash out if you need the money in a bank account instead.

In virtual games, the money always goes to your bank. This doesn’t include video slot games in casinos, which will still usually give you cash.

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