Slot machine first appearance 

Slot machines appeared in casinos in the 1980s with the exact purpose.  Their aim was to help women to have fun while their husbands are playing “real” casino games like poker, blackjack, and roulette. That is why initially slots were not even standing in the main casino halls. Slot machines were standing near elevators to avoid overloading the casino’s main hall space. However, less than in a decade the game literally changed. Nowadays slot machines are the main popular casino game type in the world.

The popularity of slots is explainable because of its idea of representing “a game of chance”. People want to believe in magic. However, slots have an algorithm as well. Each spin makes a gambler closer to win, and that is true. 

A standard slot displaying three reels that “spin” when the gamer activates the slot. Initially, slots were equipped with levers, but modern slots have buttons and touchscreens. Slots provide payouts according to a special pattern of symbols on the display. This combination appears onscreen after the spinning is over. 

About Bitcoin slots

The online gambling industry brings slots to another stage. With numerous possibilities that are possible in a video game, slots become more interactive, they use well-designed graphics and offer more gaming variations.  

What is a Bitcoin slot machine (valid where legal) and how does it differ from other slots? Technically, Bitcoin slots are similar to classic casino slots. They are equipped with three spinning reels with symbols. Each reel has about twenty symbols.  The symbols on drum reels have essential meaning when it comes to winning combinations. The wild symbol, Jackpot symbol, Sсatter symbol are the most important special symbols that can bring additional spins, bonuses, and winnings.

5 facts about slot machines 

  1. Slot machines is the most popular game type in either land-based or online casinos, such as pg slot [valid where legal]. They make more than 80% of the average casino’s income.
  2. Slot machine gamblers’ game addiction develops three times faster than for other types of gamers’.  
  3. First video slot appeared in 1976. It was displayed on a color screen and was installed in Las Vegas. . 
  4. Whether there is any special “system” on how to win a jackpot, there are professional slot machines players. They build countless strategies and discuss new slots as well as play literally every day.  
  5. There are pricey slot machines where you need to bet at least USD 100 per one spin.

Is it possible to win if you play slots with Bitcoin? 

Here are some vital secrets on how to make your winnings more than possible. First, try playing the Bitcoin slot you like in demo mode. This step will prevent your losses because it is free. Do not choose a complicated slot machine, especially if you are a newbie in online gaming.  Do not forget to check out the paytable. Take a look at the special offers and bonuses casino offers. Usually, Bitcoin slots bring good bonuses for gamblers. And the last but not least – set an amount you will be ready to spend and lose without regrets and keep it in mind.


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