I’ve flown with my baby and I only had one solution for keeping her peacefully quiet. Money can’t buy this magic solution, because it comes from my boobs. TMI? Even though she stayed content, I still had to hold her for the duration of the flight. Mama wasn’t coughing up the money for an extra seat for a 7 month old. The Flyebaby could have helped me out. It’s essentially a clip-on hammock that tucks into the plane’s folding tray. It will allow you to face your baby, and not have to worry about supporting his or her full weight the entire flight. I’m not so sure how a cranky flight attendant would react to making your free-o seat for the baby, but if you plan on flying often, it’s worth a shot.

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  1. Eva

    Wish I had that a few months ago, what a great idea!

  2. Becky

    What about a safety seatbelt for the baby? The mom has one on, but it don’t look like the baby does. Is this hammock safe for the baby?

  3. Melissa

    If the person in front pushed their seat back the baby’s head would get hit. Not a good idea.

  4. Denver

    Airlines might have to ban these. There are two obvious flaws: A tray table latch is not made to support the weight and could fail thus dropping the baby, and any movement may disturb the passenger in front.