More and more pet owners are now turning to using Cannabidiol or CBD on their pets. As it turns out, CBD is found as beneficial to pets like cats and dogs. While veterinarians would say that only few researches and studies are conducted regarding its efficacy, there are still many anecdotal evidences that support its benefits.

CBD is one of the major compounds that can be found on marijuana. It is different from another popular compound found in the same plant which is the Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Both compounds are beneficial to humans, but only CBD is what animals can tolerate.

The main difference between the CBD and THC is that the latter can give the user the feeling of getting high. CBD alone won’t give such reaction towards humans and pets, and the truth is that THC could be very toxic to pets.

There are many ways that CBD can be administered on your pets. A lot of manufacturers are already selling CBD oils, CBD treats, and even CBD pills.

Now, you might be wondering why pet owners have decided to use this on their pets. There are many websites that helps you learn more about the recent news regarding CBD, and one of these. But while we’re at it, here are a few benefits that CBD has.

Helps with anxiety

A lot of pets can be very anxious for many reasons. Some are simply because they don’t want to be left alone at home, while some may have experienced a traumatic event. The use of CBD can help a pet calm down easily without getting hurt.

CBD can help Pets with Cancer

Currently, because of the recent legalization of the use of Cannabis in some states, there are still only minimal studies regarding its potential to help both humans and pets. However, in one of these studies, they have found that pets with tumors who are treated with CBD are more likely to survive longer.

They found that tumors tend to slowly grow when a pet is treated with CBD. There’s no proof just yet that it can cure cancer alone, but it could help your pet go through cancer treatments and the sickness itself with less suffering.

Could help ailing cats and dogs

Older cats and dogs are prone to having backaches or chronic pain. CBD is also known to be anti-inflammatory and this could help cats or dogs feel less pain. It could also help pets who are always experiencing seizures.

Pets are prone to bowel diseases and CBD could also help fix this. Aside from its anti-inflammatory effect on humans and pets, CBD also has antibiotic properties which could help deal with infections like staph.

Can help with Nausea

Sick pets and even the ones with anxiety are more likely to vomit a lot. This could be the culprit as to why pets experience lethargy or lack of energy. Some would even quickly lose weight because of their lack of appetite.

There are studies that found how CBD can improve your cat or dog’s appetite and lessen their nauseous feeling. Pet owners who’ve used this to treat their pets with these problems usually see improvement after 2-3 days of intake.

Can be used as a supplement

While many pet owners turn to the use of CBD because of medical conditions, there are also many pet owners that found how CBD alone can be used as a supplement.

Pet parents that supplements the diet of their dogs or cats with CBD helps their pets stay fit and healthy. It’s not even just the physical aspect that CBD has an impact on. The overall well-being of pets can be improved too because of this.

If you are already interested in giving CBD to your pets, make sure that you get something that you won’t have a hard time giving your pets. A lot of pet owners use CBD oil as it’s the easiest to administer, but CBD treats can work well too.

What you really need to take note of is how much CBD you should be giving your pets. If this is already legal in your state, you can consult vets about it too. However, it’s best to look for vets who are more into the holistic approach when it comes to treatments.

You can expect that not all vets would talk about this especially if Cannabis itself is not yet legal in your area. For now, CBD may not be immediately brought up as an option to treat pets or to be used as a supplement, so be sure you’re the one to bring this up.

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