Many people with pets have heard of pet insurance but haven’t looked much into it. Many people think it’s only for owners of sickly or injured pets, and that certainly doesn’t describe their spry pup. 

However, insurance covers much more than just a trip to the emergency clinic. It can also provide many more benefits than most people realize. Let’s take a look at the top 10 ways that pet insurance can make your life easier.

It Allows You To Focus On Your Pet’s Health

It happens far too often. A pet owner shows up for an issue and has to worry about how they are going to pay for treatment or the next prescription medication their pet needs. Nobody should have to worry about getting the money together to give a pet a simple procedure or basic care. 

Having pet insurance allows you to remove all that worry and concern from the events surrounding your pet’s need for veterinary treatment. If it was an emergency, the last thing you want to think about is money. When you know that your bills will be mostly or even completely reimbursed, you can focus on your pet, on their treatment, and their health.

Some Breeds Can Be Quite Expensive

If you are a fan of purebred animals, you know they can often come with a list of potential genetic or breed conditions that may present later in life. In many cases, these conditions can be screened for, however, they aren’t always caught. 

Having insurance can mean you don’t have to worry about saving up for hip surgery down the road. It may mean that routine eye screenings catch potential cataract formation and help save your friend’s sight for several more years.

Emergencies Happen

Despite our best efforts, there is always the chance of needing vet treatment on an emergency basis. This may be due to any number of causes, but when it comes down to it many people face the possibility of euthanasia when they cannot afford life-saving emergency care.

It Lets You Budget For Their Care Easier

Having pet insurance can help take the suddenness out of emergency costs. Since you can more effectively budget for potential emergency care with insurance premiums, it can make the potential of not having money for vet treatment much lower. With the right plan, you may not have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses.

Wellness Appointments Are Often Covered

One of the biggest contributing factors to poor health later in pets’ lives, is the lack of preventative care. This can be mitigated with wellness visit coverage from many major insurers. These appointments provide an annual or semi-annual opportunity for wellness checkups and early detection of many conditions. 

You Will Likely Save Money Long-Term

Many more complicated or late-stage procedures are quite expensive. Even when insurance can cover that life-saving operation, or cut the cost of the medication that improves their quality of life, early detection is key. 

Covered wellness or dental visits can often be the appointments that provide early detection for other conditions. In many cases, these conditions are simple and affordable to fix early on but can become incredibly expensive or dangerous to overall health.

Earlier Coverage Can Mean Broader Benefits

When you enroll your pet in pet insurance at a young and very healthy age, not only can you take advantage of really low premiums, but you can also get much more accommodating plans. Since your pet does not present a significant health risk, you can save big

You Can Often Pick From A Range Of Vets

Being able to have more affordable vet care can open up a wider range of vets to many people. By using pet insurance to reduce the cost of treatment and medication, you may be able to afford better overall care for your furry companion.

You Can Customize Your Plan’s Coverage

Most modern pet insurance companies will let you pick and choose coverage items in most cases. For example, while you may not directly choose a plan that includes wellness visits, you may be able to pick wellness coverage as an “add-on” for a small additional premium.

It Makes Recovery From Emergencies Much Simpler

If the unthinkable should happen, and your pet is in the hospital receiving treatment, the meter is already running, so to speak. When all is said and done, and you are all back home recovering, your pet insurance coverage can make the financial recovery aspect much simpler and quicker than otherwise.

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