Are you thinking of whether or not to hire a personal injury lawyer? Finding a solution to this question might require some contemplation, but if you feel that you need monetary compensation for your injuries, then you should hire and take the help of a personal injury lawyer. The damages can be caused by someone else’s negligence, such as a car crash, bike crash, or any other thing. You cannot rely on the insurance companies or the offending parties to be fair with you during such times. Hence, a personal injury lawyer can help you deal with them for getting the right compensation.

You will find many lawyers who are experienced in handling such cases. Udall Shumway helps with personal injury cases so you can connect with them and find an attorney for your case. Besides dealing with the offending party, there are many reasons that make it essential for you to hire a personal injury lawyer, which we will see in this article.

You are unsure of who is at fault:

If you have faced an accident but are unclear about who made a mistake, you should consider consulting with a personal injury lawyer. In such cases, the other person’s insurance company will try to put the blame on you for the damages. Hence, it is essential for you to talk with the attorneys as they will help you protect your rights. They will also defend you from unnecessary counterclaims and cross-claims.

You find it difficult to deal with the insurance companies:

It will be challenging for you to deal with the insurance carriers while you are recuperating. The chances are high that there will be conversations with your lawyer related to your medical bills and other loss. Here, you can use Fleming Attorneys and their law firm will ensure that all your medical bills are paid wisely. Additionally, they will take care that the entire property damage claim to your car or bike is paid in a timely fashion so that you can bring the vehicle back on the road.

On the other hand, these insurance companies have a lot of similar cases to handle. They also have experience and several legal resources to deal with the issue. Hence, you have to ensure that you are dealing effectively with them. In case you find it challenging to handle them, you can connect with the personal injury lawyers and take the help of their experience for representing your side.

You want to avoid medical malpractice statute of limitation issues:

You might know how valuable time becomes in case of a medical malpractice claim. There are statutes that make it essential for you to put the doctor on notice within a specific period. Hence, if you feel that your doctor has made any mistake in your treatment, then you should engage counsel with the attorney as soon as you can. Such claims take time and effort and also a lot of work from the lawyer’s side. If you hire them early, it will become easier for them to find more information on your case and find the best options for receiving the right settlement.

You need to have the right medical team around you:

At times, you won’t be able to find the right physicians to get the most out of your claim. Thus, you can hire the personal injury attorneys as they can help you get the proper medical experts to treat you and also serve as a firm witness in your case. They are experienced and have contacts of the right physicians who are capable of handling such cases. Having the right medical team around you helps you recover faster. They also help by providing evidence in the court about how the injuries will impact your life. All such decisions and action steps will become easier for you only with a personal injury lawyer’s support.

You need support for right treatment:

Apart from handling your case, the personal injury lawyer may also help you with their medical personnel. This person can analyze your claim and tell you about the type of personal injury claim you can have. He/she will also evaluate your medical records received from your doctors and serve as a buffer between you and the doctors. The personal injury lawyers and their medical support staff will also ensure that you are receiving proper care and attention for your injuries. They will try to serve you the best by being professional and thorough in their services.

Moreover, the personal injury lawyers have investigative staff that can help you with your personal injury claim. They will try to recreate the scenario that happened with you and use the information at trial. This also becomes useful while negotiating with the insurance companies to get you the right compensation. These investigators turn out to be an essential part of the case as much as the personal injury attorneys as they provide the necessary information to follow your claim.

The insurance company is denying your claim:

Most of the insurance companies try to use their techniques and expertise for denying the claim. They know that many people are unaware of the complicated laws and procedures related to personal injury claims. Hence, they often try to take advantage of this situation and deny your legitimate injury claim because they know you won’t do anything about it.

Similarly, they also try to delay the claims to defeat the injured party slowly. They are aware that the bills are higher, and the money is tight, so they often try to take your advantage and offer a fraction of the amount of your claimed compensation. If you feel that they are making the situations difficult for you, then there’s a need to hire a personal injury lawyer.


Despite the complexity of your injuries, you should take the personal injury lawyers’ help or at least counsel with them. They will always work for your best and help you get the right amount of compensation for your loss.


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