The world is suffering with several issues caused like global warming, pollution etc., Bad air and poor visibility are two of the biggest repercussions of the everyday pollution caused by humans. As the pandemic has forced most of us to work from home, it has become more important than ever to stay in a hygienic as well as eco-friendly space. 

Here are some tips for achieving a greener place to live.

Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners can save as much as $1000 a year by switching to modern energy-efficient appliances. Anything over 15 years old is well worth replacing for greener, more energy-efficient versions. Make sure to purchase home appliances from retailers with the energy rating mentioned on them, ranging from A+ for the most efficient and G for the least efficient.

Watch Your Space’s Temperature

Cooling and heating homes are where most energy is wasted. Meaning, if you want an energy-efficient home, you have to watch your thermostat. Be sure only to use heating when you need it. Making sure you have good insulation and double glazing will reduce the need for heating drastically. Small changes in your habits can make a big difference. 

Save Water

Have a shower instead of a bath as the latter is highly inefficient. Avoid leaving taps running whilst doing the washing up or brushing your teeth. You can save gallons of water in a year with this little practice.

Having a water meter fitted will show you how much water you are using. It will also help you to regulate water usage. If you have a big home but not a big family, make sure that too much water isn’t wasted to clean the floor multiple times a day. If you have a garden, instruct your gardener to use water judiciously. Look out for open water pipes in the garden. 

Avoid Toxic Cleaning Products

Many of the cleaning products on the market contain highly toxic chemicals that we really shouldn’t be putting down our drains. There are plenty of effective, eco-friendly products on the market. Make sure you do thorough research before deciding to buy the cleaning products. 

Use Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Make sure all the light bulbs in your home are energy efficient, as the modern versions are 66% more energy-efficient than standard incandescent bulbs. They will also keep your home cooler during summers – reducing your energy bills and making your place more eco-friendly. 

Use Less Paper

With many service providers offering financial incentives to have your bills delivered digitally, using less paper is becoming easier. If you really do need to use paper for printing, try using unbleached recycled paper. Also, avoid using plastics at all costs. They clog the drains that serve as a breeding place for flies. This translates to diseases like cholera and typhoid. 


Taking care of food waste is a huge problem for many countries, including the United States. More than a quarter of all our food products are wasted. Having a composting system in your home will ensure that anything that does go to waste can be reused. Your garden will thank you, so will your reduced grocery bills.

Opt For Carpooling

Almost every middle-class family in the US has at least one car in their home. Americans like to drive their own car rather than take public transport. While this may seem convenient, it increases the traffic and pollution simultaneously. Moreover, starting or repairing your vehicle in your garage also leads to pollution around your home. As you intake the same air, the chances of diseases increase as well. 

One effective alternative to reducing the usage of cars is carpooling. If you need to go to the shops, try going with a friend to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. You can also carpool your way to the office or nearby places that won’t seem like a lot to you. 

Wrapping Up

Your home is the place you spend most of your time at. Apart from the practices mentioned in this article, make sure your home decor is designed to accommodate as many plants and greenery as possible. You can look for online home decor stores that will help you to remodel your home to a more eco-friendly space. 

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