Floors carry a more essence in dominating the entire home decor. While remodeling your house, you should always make sure that there is always the best flooring material at your service.

Engineered hardwood flooring is the most popular flooring; that is highly in demand and comes at an affordable price. They are mechanically structured boards or wooden planks, which form a decorative and protective structure around the wooden floors of your house.

Most importantly, these engineered wooden floorings are available in a wide range of variety; the best one among those is the white wood flooring.

Here is a list of some other types of engineered wood flooring that you may choose from.

  1. Staple-Down Engineered Flooring

There is not much difference in the staple-down and nail-down when it comes to installation. These floorings have a lesser latter and can work best for decorative purposes.

  1. Nail-Down Engineered Wood Flooring

These boards are usually bolted down on the subfloor and provide a complete traditional layout. Nail-Down Engineered Wood Flooring is affordable and offers higher durability and resistance.

  1. AC 5 Rated Floor Boards

These floorboards are considered to be the most durable and can even wrap under moisture damage. You could install this flooring in the areas with higher traffic. They are also used for different purposes in multiple ways.

  1. American Cherry

It is one of the most admired woods, which is desired due to its beautiful finishes. It provides a uniform look to the decor and overall furniture and even makes a room more spacious. American Cherry comes at an affordable price and has a high resistance to shocks.

  1. Maple Engineered Wood

If you’re looking for your residential flooring, I would suggest you get the maple engineered hardwood installed; they have more excellent durability and strength. The best thing about these floors is that; they hold up well under constant pressure.

  1. High-Pressure Engineered Flooring (HPL)

HPL is formed by combining various compact layers and is processed under high pressure. These boards are resistant to damaging external factors, and you could either use them indoors or outdoors.

  1. Glued-Engineered Flooring

Glued-engineered flooring needs strong adhesive to get stuck properly on the joints. Its installation could be a bit of a tedious process, as you can’t delay putting the boards down because the glue could even become dry.

  1. Click Lock Engineered Flooring

Click Lock Engineered Flooring consists of a stunning appeal due to its beautiful and polished surface finishes. They are also easy to install and available in different sizes, wood varieties, and colors.

  1. Glueless Engineered Flooring

Glueless Engineered Flooring is available with a “tongue and lock” system, which helps to interlock the edges together, forming a tighter bond.

The Bottom Line 

We have mentioned some types of engineered flooring for you in this guide. Each of them differs from one another; and consists of different pros and cons. Thus, you could choose a particular type of engineered wooden flooring as per your personal preferences for your home.

Don’t forget about using caution and selecting the right licensed contractor, such as Southaven home remodeling.

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