Spring is not only the time for cleaning your home; it is actually the best time to spruce it up as well! Once you’ve decluttered your home, it is now time to give your home’s exterior space the love it needs. This way, you can ensure that you will be filled with positive vibes in 2021. If you’re not sure how to get started, here are some ways you can upgrade your home’s appeal: 

Start a Garden

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most people began gardening as a way to cope with the stress and anxiety of being cooped up at home. This spring is the best time to start a new garden. In fact, it is one of the best ways of adding a unique character to your home. Go for plant species that would thrive best in your area. If your area is receiving too much sunlight, choose sun-loving plants. Otherwise, you should go for plants that love the shade. You should also consider if you have the best soil type to encourage their growth. 

It’s also critical to factor in the plant size once they mature. Study about how much space you should need between each plant if you would directly plant them into the soil. One way to ensure that you would have a good splash of colours all year round, plant a combination of annuals and perennials. Starting a garden can take time, so make sure that you give them the necessary nutrients to help keep their roots healthy. 

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you think you don’t have the green thumb or the energy to maintain a garden, one way to add a pop of color is by applying a fresh coat of paint. You can consult a trusted local paint company to advise you on what types of paint would work best in your area to ensure that you prevent any fading or chipping. It would be best if you can go for a color that matches the overall aesthetics of your home. For instance, a modern minimalist home would look best if painted with a neutral hue like gray or beige. 

Add a Privacy Fence

It would be nice to have an outdoor patio where you can enjoy the outdoors, especially if you do it with privacy in mind. Adding a fence would be enough to do the trick. You can add a trellis, or you can also plant shrubs and greenery as an organic privacy fence that would complement your garden and your home. 

Build an Outdoor Seating Area

What’s the point of sprucing up your outdoor space if you can’t enjoy it? Not only will an outdoor seating area improve your home’s exterior appearance, but it would also allow you and your family to enjoy your new area. Of course, it depends on how much space you have and how extensive you want to take your project. Make sure to have tables and chairs. Adding patio stones are ideal to designate the seating area but are not necessary if you have budget constraints. 

These are just some of the projects you can take on this spring, and they can encourage you to enjoy the outdoors in the comforts of your home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Try to plan for it before starting any major projects, and set a budget if necessary. 

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