Modern glazed doors have become a widely popular option among people in the UK while building new houses or extensions. Now the question sometimes arises whether you should go for sliding doors or bifold doors that are available on the market.

Bifold doors that can bring your outside in nowadays have become very popular but how will they differ from any sliding doors? Both are available with BIFOLDING DOOR FACTORY so you need to decide which option you will prefer.

Bifold doors

Your bifold doors will fold back against themselves. Typically, between 2 and 7 panels are connected by using hinges and will run along a certain concealed track on your floor/ceiling or both. Bifold doors will need space for the panels so that they can be easily stacked to one side.

Sliding doors

Your sliding doors usually tend to be made out of 2 or more large glass panes that slide sideways to your end of a frame. The sliding door does not project outwards.

Let us make a comparison between these two types of doors based on the following parameters.

Opening of doors

One major advantage of any bi-fold doors is that you can fold them and can open up almost entirely one wall to the garden or patio and garden. Conventional sliding doors usually open only to the right or left – about 65%.


Sliding doors can offer greater control where you can open a bit for a light breeze and you can choose how much to open. In case of your bi-fold door, one panel can be opened almost like any traditional door.


With sliding doors, there will be fewer panels and you can allow natural light to flood inside and brighten your home. With bi-fold doors, you can pull back to create your wider opening.

While closing your doors more vertical frames will be visible than with sliding doors and hence sliding doors have more glass than a frame.


While going from indoors to outdoors, you need to step over the frame with sliding patio doors. While bifold doors are installed by using a flush threshold opening for your patio or garden.


As far as cost is concerned roughly both will be same unless you go for bigger doors. If you go for very wide sliding doors then it may be significantly more expensive as large glass is too costly.

Energy rating

Sliding doors will tend to be a little more thermally efficient as compared to bifold doors because they have fewer frames. The profile of the sliding door is thicker than bifold doors.

Ease of use

Both types of doors are light and also easy to use, as the modern materials and new innovative technology offer materials like UPVC, aluminium, and wood. Aluminium bi-folds are quite a popular choice as the frames are much stronger than UPVC.

You have seen the pros and cons of both the options and now the decision is entirely yours, which will be a better option for your home.

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