Are you constantly exhausted and yet unable to sleep? 

Do you find it difficult to get interested in anything these days? 

Do you forget more things than you used to? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, you need to declutter your mind for mental clarity. 

What is Mental Clutter? 

I’m glad you asked. Mental clutter is anything that takes up so much of your mental space; it does not allow any other thoughts, productive or otherwise. Just as clutter makes a home look unwelcome, mental clutter makes your mind a place you don’t want to be in. When that happens, you can’t think or function at high enough wavelengths to achieve your life goals. More than that, you lack the clarity to make the right decisions for yourself.

If you struggle with a cluttered mind, here are a few ways you can declutter and find clarity once more. 

Get Some Sleep 

Things always look better in the morning or after a nap, so get some sleep today. Worrying all night isn’t going to change the situation. On the contrary, worry increases your anxiety and stress hormones, making it more unlikely for you to find an answer. 

So, here’s your cue to sleep. After a good night’s rest, your mind will feel clear enough to come up with solutions. 

Write Things Down 

To-do lists, plans for expanding your business, grocery store lists, and journals. Write! Writing things down actually has a dual purpose. It helps to declutter your mind and prioritise your activities. Here are some great tips: 

  • Write a to-do list each morning that arranges your activities by priority;
  • Journal every evening before going to sleep to help you articulate how your day went and recognise ways you can improve; 
  • Have a handy notepad (physical or digital) to store information and plans. 

Asian woman stretching lower back with yoga cobra pose on exercise mat. Upward facing dog backbend pose yoga girl. Urdhva mukha svanasana exercise Yoga stretch practice for weight loss.


Everything you heard about exercising is true, unfortunately. Not just your muscles and organs benefit from a good workout; your mind also does. Working out improves blood flow, helps your sleeping, and increases serotonin production, which puts you in a great mood and helps battle clutter. So no excuses are allowed for skipping your workouts!

Exercises that include mindfulness and meditation help centre the mind and improve clarity. Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and Quigong are special recommendations. You can also take a few meditation classes at your local gym.

Create Me-Time 

Alone time is so crucial for mental balance. Unfortunately, we live in a world where no one has time for themselves. Whether you recharge by being alone or with friends, everyone needs downtime. So, prioritise yourself.

Give yourself at least an hour a week to do something you love. Curl up with that novel you’ve been planning to read, watch a movie, prepare an elaborate dinner and finish it with a glass of wine. Whatever floats your boat, do it.

Me-time is so therapeutic. It puts you in a great mood and gives you the break you need to face life with a clear mind.

It can be so hard balancing a life that it’s easy to clutter your mind and be miserable. You can change that today just by adopting these four tips above. 

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