There has been so much hype surrounding medical marijuana for years that CBD quickly crept onto the scene without as much of a fuss. Much of the reason why people don’t get as excited about cannabidiol (the scientific name for CBD) is that it isn’t as exciting from the outsider’s perspective. People don’t find it as risque or exciting because it doesn’t get you high, which THC does, but there’s plenty of reason to be excited about CBD.

It has plenty of medicinal benefits, it’s very affordable as alternative medicine, it’s versatile, and it’s fun to try. It’s important to know what CBD is first before you get into it though, so you want to brush up on your knowledge to make sure you know what it offers for you and what is available before you try it yourself. Here are some of the different types of CBD and what they can be used for.

What Kinds of CBD Are There?

The biggest question is always what kind of CBD is out there. This is usually answered by referring to them as CBD strains, much like the way we call different kinds of THC strains. Harlequin, Charlotte’s Web, Pennywise, all of these might sound like names of characters or books, but they are actually names of CBD. There are obviously more out there, but that’s the basic gist of how you would look for them. You would just need to look up popular strain names, what they offer (CBD/THC % content), and what brands sell them to find them.

What Forms Do CBD Products Come In?

While strains are the different genetic makeup and breeding habits that resulted in different types, they also come in a wide variety of products. CBD is super versatile which is why it’s so important for people who want to use it for medicinal reasons. Some people have a weak stomach and the taste would throw them off, which is why it comes in nasal spray form too. There are topical creams, gel capsules, and tinctures of oil (the most common form) which all provide similar benefits but in slightly different ways.

How Is CBD Administered?

The form of CBD you get is important for how it’s administered. The products will be labeled with dosage amounts based on the form it comes in (if it doesn’t have a dosage amount, it’s likely a low-quality brand/product). Topical creams are rubbed onto sore areas of muscles or aches, tinctures of oil can be added to teas, water, or even food, nasal sprays are spritzed into your nasal cavity, all kinds of forms of administration. This makes it incredibly versatile if you want more convenience or more control over how you dose out your CBD.

Is CBD Safe?

Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, which means you won’t get high from it in the same way you would from traditional THC products like edibles or buds. CBD products do contain a small amount of THC because they come from the same plant, but it is a very trace amount that will not result in serious complications like anxiety, panic attacks, dry mouth, or other unpleasant issues that some people deal with from THC. Although CBD is overwhelmingly safe, it’s good to check with your doctor if it’s a good idea, because some people still report feelings of nausea, which might simply be a result of the form it comes in. Overall, CBD is very safe for adult users.

What Uses Does CBD Have?

If you aren’t aware yet, CBD is mainly used for medicinal purposes. It doesn’t get you high and it’s not meant for entertainment, but it is very powerful when it comes to certain health remedies. CBD is most often used for pain relief in joints and muscles, it is used to help treat nausea, it can be effective at curbing anxiety, and it can be used to help suppress or stimulate the appetite. The fact that CBD is so flexible when it comes to its medicinal purposes makes it such an appealing holistic treatment. While it does work well for most people, it’s also good to check in with your doctor to let them know you’re using CBD or ask them if it’s a good idea.

While THC may steal the show because of its reputation, CBD is quietly helping people out in very useful ways when it comes to their health troubles. Its growing popularity has people buzzing, so if you want to figure out what all the hype is about, you now have a base understanding of its use and purpose.

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