For CBD and hemp enthusiasts, acceptance within the U.S. has made a huge market of hemp plant-based CBD products. There are an array of products to choose from, like CBD vapes and edibles, as well as topicals, CBD oils, tinctures, and creams. If you’re a beginner, it’s important to note that the FDA doesn’t endorse the cannabis plant or the effects of CBD as a substitute for medication. The FDA also hasn’t verified that CBD has health benefits. That being said, many consumers with years of experience say it has improved their overall wellness.

When buying CBD products, prices and quality can vary, especially since it’s not yet regulated by the FDA. Without formal regulation, you might be left wondering which CBD brands are the best. Here are some tips on the best brands within the CBD industry.

Go for an in-person experience.

Recently, many CBD shops have opened around the United States. Although shopping online for cannabinoids can be convenient, buying from a CBDistillery has its own benefits. For example, if you’re new to CBD products and need advice on what are the best CBD brands, you’ll have a knowledgeable worker at your disposal. They’ll be able to advise you on the best CBD oils and capsules for your specific needs.

For those who favor edibles, like CBD gummies, in-person customer service reps can recommend flavors. Employees at CBD companies are also aware of discounts that their businesses are offering, so you may get an unexpected discount on your cannabidiol purchase.

A reduced price doesn’t always mean reduced quality.

If you’re continuing to reduce your contact with other people due to the pandemic, going into a store might not be an option. Therefore, you’ll be faced with a lot of different products to sift through online. You may see the reduced price of a CBD product and wonder if it’s actually legitimate. Although some skepticism is healthy, it’s important to know that you may find quality products at reasonable prices online.

CBD is THC-free, meaning it doesn’t have psychoactive properties. As a result, it’s able to be offered at a variety of online CBD stores in the U.S. market. Some small businesses manufacture their own boutique and bespoke CBD edibles, CBD oils, and topicals, while other online CBD companies are more akin to wholesalers, selling CBD products from different brands in bulk or bundles. The ability to buy in bulk and then sell without “middle-men” may be the reason you’re offered lower prices online. To figure out whether a product or company is reputable, you just need to do a little extra research.

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Determine reputability through review sites and blogs.

If you’re unsure whether a store or product is reputable, simply check out their consumer reviews. If most of their reviews only have one or two stars, you know to stay away. Even if every review has five stars on the website, consider doing a broader search of the company or product, so you know they’re not just created by bots.

Taking recommendations from influencers can be useful; just make sure it’s an honest review by checking to see whether they’re sponsored by the company that’s being promoted. If they’re getting paid by that company, the review may not be as truthful as you’d hope.

Fortunately, there are websites and blogs created by enthusiasts that break down products easily for new consumers. These are great resources because the products are being reviewed thoroughly by experienced consumers. They’re also easy to follow and usually include links to where you can reputably purchase the product they discussed in the list or article. That way, you know you’re really buying the best brands.

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