CBD products, like the ones available with Dr. Ganja,are known to have many health benefits.  As such, the sale of CBD oil has been going up by the day.  CBD oil is promoted as a potent chemical compound with the ability to manage numerous health conditions. Currently, CBD oil and related cannabis products are used in the management of seizures, pain, memory loss, cancer pain, and stress, among others.


As such, the sale of CBD oil has been going up by the day. But one thing remains a concern for many people – whether or not it is legal in various parts of the world. Whether you come from America, Europe, Asia, or Africa, it is crucial to know the legal aspects surrounding this chemical compound before buying it.


CBD in the USA


Luckily, there is a bill that has legalized the production of hemp and marijuana products with THC lower than 0.3%. This 2018 Farm Bill has opened a new page for Americans although this is still at the federal law level where states can make and change the law at will in case of new findings that compromise the health of the citizens.


In the USA, the growth of hemp is not legal in many states, and neither is transportation from one state to another. But at the federal level, some states are still suffering by not buying these products freely.


Most health centers have said that Americans can now buy such products freely, but they need to consult health experts for guidelines on how to use them. Numerous USA health shops and websites have hemp flower buds for your consideration, and as you can see, buying them is legal as of now.


States That Allow Cannabis


If you are lucky enough to live in a green state, you can enjoy cannabis products for recreational or medical use (such as in Washington DC from Weed Delivery DC). As such, it does not matter whether THC levels are higher than the legal 0.3% limit or not.


These states include Washington DC, California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, and Alaska to mention a few. As such, selling and buying these products is easy.


States That Allow Cannabis Conditionally


Amber states have legalized cannabis products under certain conditions. People are typically allowed to use them for medical use only. This means getting a prescription from the doctor before you can head to the stores to shop or have it delivered to by an online seller. Minnesota, Maryland, Hawaii, Illinois, New York, and New Hampshire are among the amber states where you will need to show a special card or prescription from the doctor to purchase CBD oil.


Red-amber states are even stricter because their reasons for buying CBD oil and related products are clearly outlined for each state. If you live in states like Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama, it is important that you check the specific conditions when it is okay to purchase CBD products.


States That Do Not Allow Cannabis


Only a few states do not allows the use of cannabis products such as CBD oil and they include South Dakota, Idaho, and Nebraska. People are optimistic that these red states will consider the legalization of CBD oil for medical use as all other states have done.


Now you know where you are. The USA has progressively eased up on cannabis laws and more are expected in the near future.


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