The CBD industry is booming, with several companies popping up every day. This is a clear indication that new products are created every day. Some of the existing products on the market include tinctures, edibles, CBD creams, energy drinks, among others. With its legalization in many countries across the globe, several products are expected to be created.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical compound derived from the hemp plant. This compound is known to offer a myriad of health benefits, including reducing anxiety and depression, alleviating pain, and inflammation.

It is irrefutable that we’re living in an era where we are battling with health crises. Most of these crises are associated with chronic inflammatory conditions. As an “immune response” to irritants, inflammation manifests in damaged tissue. However, you don’t have to worry when it befalls you, because you can use CBD cream to treat it. This article unveils proves that you can use CBD cream to treat inflammation. Secure your time and take a look!

CBD Cream and Inflammation

Arguably, scientific studies have revealed that CBD cream is a strong anti-inflammatory option. The contents found in the product help reduce inflammation intensification.

Imperial College London holds that CBD possesses effective anti-inflammatory capabilities. To them, vitamin B6, arnica, and MSM make the CDB cream a proactive inflammation cure. Arnica stimulates white blood cells; vitamin B6 repairs inflammatory and arthritic damages. In contrast, MSM increases flexibility and absorption of the cream within cellular walls.

A 2011 study disclosed that CBD cream helps treat inflammation pain by positively affecting how pain receptors respond to the stimuli.

Furthermore, A 2016 study alluded that use of CDB cream is a potent inflammation and pain reliever. The cream boosts the CB2 receptor to help manage the inflammatory condition.

According to Free Radical Biology and Medicine (2015), CBD cream effectively reduces organs dysfunction and damage risk. To them, CBD cream cures oxidized stress caused by inflammation.

When applied, the topical cream components (gel and lotion) activates cannabinoid receptors (CB1 & CB2) in the skin for quick inflammation and pain sensation.

Generally, CBD cream ingredients offer a soothing sensation against body inflammations. This means CBD cream improves mobility and general wellness. Also, CBD creams have shown promising benefits in improving skin conditions.

That said, CBD aids receptors respond to received signals and help reduce inflammation. So, CDB cream can be used as a topical anti-inflammatory.

CBD Cream for Inflammation: Does it work?

Inflammation signals that you’re suffering from a severe ailment that requires quick medical attention. And since painkillers found it hard, CBD cream can be an effective anti-inflammatory.

Though this does not justify that painkillers are ineffective or CBD, creams should be a replacement or are the best option. But the truth is that CBD cream benefits are far much better than that of pharmaceuticals. Notably, harsh painkillers have adverse side effects, unlike CBD creams, which are safe.

Is inflammation turning your life into hell like? Worry no more. High-grade hemp CBD products such as CBD cream can help soothe the pain. CBD cream is an excellent option in treating inflammation since it activates CB2 receptors without going to the circulatory system. This is helpful in dry and irritated skin conditions from restricted blood flow. So, CBD can be the new secret weapon to inflammation, since pharmaceuticals aren’t getting the job done.

Bottom line

From the above inferences, it can be concluded that you can use CBD cream to treat inflammation because the product is enriched with anti-inflammatory and immune-supportive compounds.


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