When you reach the age of 65, Medicare does not pay all of your healthcare costs. Part A of Medicare typically covers 80% of inpatient care in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, and Part B typically covers 80% of outpatient expenses and medical supplies. You must obtain a Medigap policy from a private business to cover the 20% that both parts do not cover.

Most states have ten standardized Medigap plan categories from which customers can pick. It is distinct from Medicare and covers costs and gaps in coverage that the original Medicare does not cover. Prescriptions, medical visits, eye, and dental treatment, and other services may also be included. However, due to competitive pricing and other services, it can be challenging to discover the ideal company from which to get Medicare Supplement insurance. But don’t worry; we’ve tried to compile a list of the top 11 providers from whom you can purchase Medigap insurance.

  • Mutual of Omaha

It is one of the most outstanding all-around insurance companies, which is why it has risen to the top of the list. They settle 98% of Medicare claims within 12 hours, freeing clients from unneeded stress over the status of their claims at the last minute. Omaha Mutual Insurance Company Medicare supplement plans are offered in nearly every state, making it one of the most frequently accepted Medicare supplement plan providers. It also offers a 10% household discount to anyone who resides in the same house.

  • Humana

Humana is one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States, and it provides services in 48 states. It also provides its subscribers with ten different types of Medigap policies. Humana’s supplemental insurance coverage goes beyond what is necessary for a Medical Supplement, including cost-sharing alternatives for eye and dental care. It also provides detailed Part D coverage. Humana also has an easy-to-use website where you can find your plan and compare prices.

  • Medisupps

Medisupps is one of the most experienced private insurance companies, having served thousands of customers over the past 13 years. It is licensed in 47 states and offers its customers the best degree of service. They also provide individual assistance, which is one of the reasons for their success because it assists consumers in finding the finest Medigap that meets their needs. You can also Click here to compare Medicare plans.

  • AARP

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement Insurance is offers services in 50 states and Washington D.C. AARP offers Medigap plans A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, and N. (plan availability varies by location). Unlike its competitors, AARP offers all types of Medigap insurance except Plan M. AARP is also one of the largest medical insurance providers in the United States. When compared to competitors, it also has a low complaint rate. They also provide very low-cost Medigap coverage. Furthermore, it has a third-party customer satisfaction rating.

  • Aetna

Aetna is well-known for giving complete Medigap coverage information and has seven different types of policies available ( this may vary from state to state). It also has a Medicare Education section on its website that gives clients a thorough account of facts regarding original Medicare and Medicare supplement plans, allowing them to grasp the benefits and limitations of each. It also provides international emergency coverage. Its partnership with CSV health diversifies the company’s financial portfolio and allows you to gain additional benefits if you become an Aetna policyholder.

  • Cigna

As a Medicare Supplement plan provider, Cigna offers all of the major types of plans to its customers, including fantastic dental, vision, and hearing plan options for Medicare Beneficiaries. Cigna also offers household and spousal discounts throughout the states. However, Cigna has a significant advantage over its competitors regarding customer service, which offers 24×7 telehealth lines. Furthermore, it provides Healthy Rewards Discount programs that can assist you in living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

This insurance firm offers coverage in more than 50 states. It provides ten different types of Medigap Plans. Health insurance alternatives differ from state to state. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers perks in addition to Medigap policies, such as fitness memberships, discount programs, and much more. It also provides Part-D (prescription drug) coverage to its consumers.

  • Anthem

In 16 states, Anthem offers Medicare supplement insurance. They provide A, F, G, and N Medigap plans, which vary by state. It also provides additional cost-sharing coverage for procedures not covered by the primary Medigap plan type. It also provides Anthem with additional packages that might cover some of the costs associated with a dental cleaning, dental operations, and eye tests. Furthermore, it offers allowances for eyeglass frames and contact lenses, which are not common among competitors. Some members may be able to save money on premiums by receiving reductions based on their household and payment methods. It also provides other benefits such as exercise, health, and wellness products and services.

  • Capitol Life

Capitol Life provides the most commonly accepted and cost-effective Medicare Insurance Company. Capitol is attempting to reach as many people as possible with low-cost Medicare supplement insurance. Some clients can also get permission in real time. They also make an effort to answer the application questions truthfully and thoroughly. Customers have also given it good marks for its services.

  • United American

United Americans provide a wide range of Medigap policies, but it is best known for its Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F and High Deductible Plan G coverage. Furthermore, it has a second-anniversary policy that attracts many new customers by allowing users of high-deductible plans to switch to the basic version on the policy’s second anniversary with no underwriting health issues. This means that if you have pre-existing health conditions, you cannot face denial. They also have cheaper premium costs in the majority of places. It has excellent customer service and very few complaints.

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  • Manhattan life

Manhattan Life provides its customers with five Medigap plans and comprehensive dental, vision, and hearing plans. Manhattan Life strives to be tech savvy to provide its customers with the greatest user experience possible through its high-end website. Manhattan Life offers a 7% household discount on Medicare supplement policies for two persons in most areas. It also provides a more lenient underwriting process, allowing those with more severe health concerns to obtain a Medicare Supplement Policy.


So, here are the top eleven Medicare supplement coverage options for you. However, it is ideal if you conduct your research and compare all the possibilities to select the best-fit insurance companies that meet your needs while still being reasonably priced. So give it some thought because we are discussing your health, which is one of the most significant assets in a person’s life.

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