In recent years all sorts of innovations have popped up that reinvent life as we live it. Electric cars have become sexier than gas engined cars… You no longer have to get in your sexy electric car to get a bag of sugar from the local store as you can order it from an app and it will be delivered in under 20 minutes… Popcorn has hit a new level of luxury and you’ll never want to buy a 50 cent bag from Deliveroo as you’ll never look back… Wait? Popcorn?!

Yes, popcorn has been reinvented by Opopop and once you have tried their Flavor Wrapped Popcorn Kernels, you’ll never look back. Why they reinvented it – what magical moment hit the guy or gal who hit on this great idea – is part of the beautiful mystery behind it. What were they doing when they hit on the idea to make perfect popcorn? We just don’t know! Perhaps we shouldn’t know and just get on and eat this dang stuff!

Yummy Flavor Wrapped Popcorn

What is Opopop?

Opopop is the perfect popcorn that has been updated from boring old greasy butter, salt and sweet flavors to the 21st Century. It is perfectly flavored, even though you cook it in your home microwave.

How do they do this? Someone had the magical idea of individually coating the popcorn kernels in flavoring.

You then order Flavor Wrapped Popcorn Kernels online as a package of bags and throw one in the microwave. 30 seconds after it has been taken out of the microwave you will be putting another bag in as you and your family will have more or less inhaled it thanks to the ridiculously good flavor!

Particular Cookery

You order the popcorn in bags online from the company’s store. Unlike the stuff you buy/have delivered from the grocery store, you open each bag and drop the kernels into Opopop’s proprietary BPA free cooking bowl. Yes, it’s not the cheapest bowl at $24.99 but you won’t regret it – you know the saying  ‘buy cheap – get cheap’ and this is the complete reverse of that.

Their Discovery Kit comes with 6 flavors, and the microwave popcorn popper, and always includes a ‘Test Launch’ bag so you can assess exactly how long your microwave will take to heat the popcorn until the last kernels have stopped popping every two seconds. You then can cook the next bag (having inhaled the first) to perfection. When you’re ready to re-order your favorite flavors, you can get their Big Bags, which have 6 large servings of popcorn each.

Opopop main

Bang Goes the Flavor

But why will you inhale it so quickly? The flavors are off the scale! Perfectly balanced (unlike the 50 cent bags that are a mix of under- and too-intense flavors). Opopop have come out with a range of seriously tasty flavors that you just can’t buy anywhere else: Umami, Maui Heat, Chedapeno and Fancy Butter are at the savory end of the scale, while Vanilla Cake Pop and Cinnalicious are at the sweet end of the spectrum.

The bags are in a different league in price – typically coming out to about $2.50 per large serving, which is more than a typical bag of grocery store popcorn – but as soon as the popcorn hits your tastebuds (and they demand more!) you’ll understand exactly why.

Go on, try this mysterious yet extremely moreish popcorn! Popcorn has been completely reinvented for the luxury market and tasting it we completely understand why!

Yummy Flavor Wrapped Popcorn

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