If you are a fan of good coffee, you probably know or have heard of the French press, also known as a French coffee maker or press pot. It is famous for producing a denser fusion between ground coffee and water and allowing natural oils and sediments to come into contact with the beverage.

And do you think you need to go to an establishment to taste such wonder? No, you don’t! You can prepare a French press coffee at home, enjoy it in your own company or offer your friends a drink worthy of praise.

What is the French Press?

It is a brewing method in which ground coffee beans come into direct contact with hot water, just like when preparing teas. Coffee is made manually, without electricity and other materials such as filter paper. When deciding how to prepare coffee in the French press, the basics needed are hot water, beans, and a cup.

The French Press Coffee Maker contains a jar, usually glass, but can also be of glass or metal. Inside, a plunger with a sieve and a screen replaces the paper filter and is responsible for separating dust and water. The third and final piece is the support that holds the other two parts together.

French Press Features

Unlike a typical coffee maker, the French model has peculiarities that make the coffee even more impressive. Check out some!

  1. You can use it at home

Some think it is necessary to go to a coffee shop to taste quality coffee. But, as we said, you can use the French press at home to make delicious drinks as quickly and efficiently as freeze.

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  1. Makes full-bodied drinks

The coffee made in this equipment has complex and intense flavors. It is fuller, more aromatic, and a little sweeter than those in which other preparation methods got used.

  1. It is a manual method

Manually making coffee allows you to control every detail of the process, such as water temperature and flavor intensity. Therefore, choosing quality beans with the proper roasting is also essential.

  1. Does not use electricity

The French coffee maker works manually, and its process is entirely mechanical. So you can prepare a quality drink whenever you want, without worrying about the energy bill.

  1. It is easily accessible

Before the invention of the espresso machine, this type of coffee maker was already a luxury item. Nowadays, it is possible to easily find presses of different models and prices for all pockets at cafeduchateau.net. Save yourself the efforts and time of going through unhelpful sources.

Best types of coffee for French Press

The fine coffee found in supermarkets is not suitable for this appliance. Find out what is the best type of coffee for the French press!

  • Top-quality beans

For the drink to be delicious, it is necessary to have quality ingredients. In addition to the water, which must be pure and fresh, use unique coffee beans – they guarantee a differentiated experience at the time of tasting.

  • Freshly ground grains

So that the coffee does not undergo oxidation, the ideal is to grind the beans at the time of preparation. This technique preserves the coffee’s aroma, sweetness, and acidity. In the modern era, small grinders for household use are readily available.

  • Grains with the correct grinding

When grinding, it is imperative to pay attention to the thickness of the powder. As the screen that replaces the filter has larger spaces, fine dust can pass into the drink. The ideal is to grind the grain until you achieve a texture similar to oatmeal.

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