Got a quarter pound of fresh pork/beef steak at a ‘cheap buy’ from Walmart?

Of course, then, it’s a worth buying for your weekend summer party!

set   the grill to heat,

wear  BBQ gloves,

let the full chicken breast/beef-steak/big fat pork-belly on grill,

And right when you’re going to touch a tiny piece to taste it before giving a lip-smack

Shi…t dude. That’s freaking hot.!

Ooopppss… Pity that! It’s hard to resist the lusty tongue to get watery but worry not!

Coz’ bear paw stainless metal meat claws are the best to clutch

  • Smoky grilled solid piece of bacon/beef belly
  • Firmly handling the chicken
  • Shredding it,

Maeeen.. you gonna’ love the sound of those stainless metal claws to clutch and grab solid chunks of toughened red meat.

So, it’s a Sunday, you must wok up late. Your honey’s not at home. She/he went to his/her parent’s place and,


Call up your BFF’s and close mates, get an open area in the landscape cleared. Grab some chilled beer can and set up the place for BBQ chicken party lunch!

That’s when if your best pal gifts you an unexpected bear paw metal BBQ chicken claw, guess what happens next?

Obviously, it’s time for a BBQ BFF chicken party man! What are you waiting for? Now you might ask ‘how do you know about such cool unique gift items to freak someone out with weird souvenirs? WELL, I DRINK AND I KNOW THINGS!

Maximum popularity behind these beer paw meat claws are,

  • Maximum buyers are satisfied with its quality
  • Extremely durable for resisting heat up to 1112 degree F/600 degree F
  • Made of solid sharp 18/8 undisputed stainless steel having zero chances of getting bend even under high heat of the grilling oven
  • Unlike ordinary meat claws made of plastic and nylon, there’s a wooden holder for tightening grip
  • With additional care, the materials are built in such a way that harmful toxins do not affect the food by any means.
  • Weighing not more than 8.8 ounce with package dimension (7.2*4.5*2 inches)

It’s undoubtedly a priceless compliment for a summer party to chill out with closed one and share light moments with BFF’s and closed soulmates.

They are available now!


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