New York-based pranksters Improv Everywhere recently showed up to Katz’s Deli and had 20 women recreate the famous scene from When Harry Met Sally. Yeah, THAT scene. The restaurant staff and fellow diners were not forewarned about the stunt so, needless to say, they were shocked. That said, they also seemed to be pretty into it. Presumably because they’re a bunch of perverts. But who knows! Personally, when I’m enjoying my pastrami (not a euphemism) I’m not tryina peep your O-face. Or hear your O-sounds. I’m trying to shove a sammie in my pie sammie hole, eat my pickle, pay the tab, and go on with my day. But if you must subject myself and everyone else to your O-business, then it had better be legit. Faking it is just rude!

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  1. garbagedick

    it’s still real to me, damnit!