This is Youtuber JP Sears giving us a taste of what it might look like if meat eaters acted like stereotypical vegans. You know, the type that must inform any and every person that they’re a vegan and WHY. Then again, don’t many meat eaters have pride in their meat-eating diet? I’m looking at you, people who own multiple articles of bacon clothing.

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Via: Laughing Squid


  1. Vanita Ba

    I actually know way more meat-eaters who judge vegans for their choices than the other way around.
    In my opinion, the topic should be treated like religion: Let people do their own thing, don’t try to convince others, don’t advertize your choices to show how great you are.

  2. gtox11

    Congratulations. You resisted the urge to have a sense of humor, and I commend you for your willpower.