Some writers practice their storytelling abilities by writing a story that only contains 6 words. Well if this 6 second vine video were a 6 word story it would read something like, “What a cute little caterpillar! NOPE!” You’ll have to watch to see what happens after Vine user Paglo pokes this strange little fuzzball he found. The whole time you’re watching you’re gonna be like, “DON’T POKE IT! RUN! THERE’S PROBABLY A MASKED KILLER IN THERE WITH A MACHETE!” Except it’s not a killer in a mask with a machete—boy how I wish it was a killer in a mask with a machete…

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Via: Helablog


  1. Allison

    They look like the cute spider things from “Spirited Away” awwwwwww.

  2. brohemian


  3. GOD

    Hard to tell if you’re saying NOPE or OPEN

  4. choirgirl120

    Not scared… made me itchy all over!! Yuck!!

  5. Sonya Kukkola

    I love spiders, but this video still scared me. If I was the one who found it I would scream too.

  6. Translator

    Hahaha just FYI he thinks it’s pubic hair at the beginning. He sings “super pubic hair” then comes the dreadful realization it is not “ahhh what the fuck?!” Just in case you don’t speak Spanish

  7. Charles

    Would it be great to be able to embed this without a HUGE FUCKING SPOILER AT THE TOP?

  8. Charles

    Man, why do they have to put a GIANT SPOILER in the title?


    There’s no surprise when you embed it.

    It’s just ‘meh, spiders’.