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Looking at a map it may appear to look like the small ‘soccer ball’ of an island off the end of the ‘boot’ shaped country that is Italy, but Sicily is in fact, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

There is no doubt that if you have the time, Sicily can be a luxurious and splendid place to explore. Everything from the delicious food, with a specialty for seafood, to the cliffs that give great views of the island.

The ports around the island offer a great many marinas for one to moor a boat or yacht, offering a splendid way to discover many of the stunning sights that make Sicily one of the most beautiful islands in Italy and the Mediterranean.

Cast off in a catamaran

When discovering an island, particularly one as gorgeous as Sicily, one of the most effortless ways for any boat lover can be by that of a yacht.

That said, with being such a large island, a slow pace may not be one available if you have a short time. Therefore, motor yachts for sale and hire in port can be an advantage and the best way to explore. They allow speed and the means of not having to focus on the wind to pull you in the right direction. Moreover, they can be available to those on any type of budget, allowing you to save some Euros.

Set an anchor port

While unearthing Sicily’s splendid treasures, you should have your main harbour for which to return, based on the extent of your itinerary.

As it has a large marina, with enough space to hold both extravagant sized yachts and smaller budget vessels, a great choice would be that of Messina. This seaside town holds a large commercial port and logistical means for bigger vessels. It is also the island’s naval port.

So many ports, but how much time?

You have set the main port, but with so many beauties to choose from, which town is the first stop? To explore this gorgeous island properly and its surrounding inner islands from the water, it is best if you have at least fourteen days itinerary available to you. Being the largest island, trying to explore every part of the region, especially nautically, can’t be completed in only a few days.

Once again, this is where hiring a motor yacht comes in handy. In comparison to a sailing yacht or boat, you have more control with the speed at which you can travel to the various islands. Therefore, you are allowed more freedom with the time you can afford so that you don’t just experience the coastline and surrounding beach.

The island gems in the Sicilian crown

If Sicily were a tiara, then many of the surrounding islands, including the Aeolian Islands would be the gems that decorate it. This archipelago of islands, just off the coast, makes a perfect voyage for sightseeing, especially if you’re into geology.

They include the largest, Lipari and are known for two active volcanoes on the islands of Vulcano and Stromboli. Stromboli is the most active volcano in Europe. The mix up is often with Mt Etna on Sicily’s east coast, which, while still frequently active, takes the prize for the largest in Europe.

When you decide to head for the culture pot that is Sicily, choose your vessel wisely, to make the most of your time and ports. Base yourself where you have a safe harbour and take in the sights, from the main island to those extra little gems. Some of your options include boats and yachts. You can check out sites such as https://www.crankyape.com/default.asp?pg=DisItems&Cat=5 to help you find the perfect vehicle for you to tour in the Mediterranean.

I hope that Poseidon and Neptune smile upon you on your voyage.

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