“Swear to me” was hardly the most bad ass line from a comic book movie. Sure, Christian Bale has the “I gargle with broken glass” voice down, but no one sounds more deranged than Rorschach. Plus, his bad ass line is much bad-assier. He said, “I’m not locked in here with you—you’re locked in here with me!” and then he proceeded to pour hot oil on a dude’s face. And this guy’s the hero. But despite the fact that he’s obviously the toughest superhero ever, good Rorschach costumes aren’t easy to find. Is it too much to ask for someone to invent a magic shape-changing material and make a Rorschach mask out of it? Apparently not, because the creators of Rorschach Masks have come pretty damn close. They offer 5 mask designs that use a special ink that reacts to your breath, making the design around the mouth change shape. It’s not exactly like the fictional fabric that changes shape completely, but it’s a hell of a lot better than tights covered in craft paint over your face.

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