Disney Princesses are pretty polarizing. On one hand, many bright young women, grew up metaphorically “sick of swimming” and ready to stand just like our girl Ariel who taught us to be independent. On the other hand, a lot of her motivation revolved around snagging a prince. On the other other hand, she saved him and wasn’t exactly some damsel in distress. On the other other OTHER hand—you know, nevermind. Point is, some folks think Disney princesses are just not tough enough. But this new web series Black Ops: Disney Princesses features bad ass versions of Jasmine, Belle, Ariel and Snow White that fight terrorists. It’s loaded with references to the original Disney flicks, but with way more guns and way less Prince Charmings. Plus, their outfits! So cute!



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Via: Jezebel


  1. Horatio

    Poor trigger discipline. There’s no excuse for that.

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