Nowadays, the usage of freelancing companies is on the rise. Great academic writing platforms offer their help to cope with all kinds of academic assignments. They are quite dependable but not all. There are many fake resources or the ones, which offer services of poor quality. Users must be cautious while they choose a helping company.


Before you place an online request “pay someone to write an essay”, you should obligatorily find several essential criteria about writing agencies. Every writing platform is supposed to ensure certain guarantees and advantages. If your anticipated platform doesn’t offer even one or two of them, their credibility is questionable. They must provide a full list of the most important conditions. Otherwise, such a website must not be trusted. Let’s review those criteria.




The first condition every wise customer should look for is quality. If you have found a highly reputed website, you have nothing to worry about. Its experts will be able to meet the highest academic standards of any educational institution. Such websites always verify the certificates and professional recommendations of possible future workers. Moreover, they constantly monitor their progress and encourage to become better. Accordingly, their writers, editors and proofreaders complete orders of the top-quality.


To identify a trustworthy website, you may undertake the following measures:


  • Ask your friends and mates;
  • Read advertisements;
  • Conduct online research;
  • Read customers’ testimonials;
  • Find special rating websites;


It’s better to combine these measures. Thus, your chances to find the right resources sufficiently increase.

Academic services


Some people forget that assignments don’t consist only of writing. They may face other problems related to their academic tasks. Many students aren’t attentive enough and cannot cope with editing. The others want to rewrite certain parts of their essay and so on. Therefore, seek an agency with hundreds of experts. The more the better because one expert will be always busy and there are no guarantees he/she would manage different types of assignments.


Your helping platform ought to provide the following services:


  • Writing;
  • Editing;
  • Quoting;
  • Rewriting;
  • Proofreading;
  • Outlining;
  • Seeking evidence;
  • Structuring, etc.


Make sure you may count on different academic papers. These are any type of essays, dissertations coursework, literature review, case study, laboratory report, research and term paper, speech, PowerPoint presentation, book/movie review, etc.



Time means almost everything. Your essay and other papers have strict deadlines. Therefore, students must be fast. If you don’t want to violate your time limits, find a writing agency with swift experts. To find out this information, you should read customers’ reviews and independent ratings given by special informative websites.


You ought to be sure your websites offers the help of really swift writers and editors. They should be able to beat the most urgent deadlines without problems. You can even place a small order and ask to deliver it in a couple of hours. Thus, you’ll see whether your personal assistant is fast enough. Place orders beforehand to give your assistant more time to accomplish tasks without delays.



Your helping website is obliged to protect your private data. Teachers and professors are against this form of help. Most educational institutions even penalize students who collaborate with academic writing platforms. Therefore, you ought to select a resource that guarantees the absolute protection of your private data. No other people, websites or third-parties should be aware of your collaboration.


It’s also necessary to read customers’ feedback. Define what kind(s) of safeguard(s) uses your website. Find descriptions and reviews of the safeguards used by your website. Ask qualified experts their opinion to be sure the security measures are dependable.



Always pay attention to the price policy of your website! This is one of the trickiest and most delicate questions. Most students don’t have too much money and so, are forced to save every penny. They hope to find an agency, which writes papers of the required quality but sets affordable prices. If you think that the top-rated platforms set too high prices, you are wrong. Such platforms clearly understand the possibilities of their customers and so, set a relatively cheap cost. They have to make their prices really “affordable” to attract more customers.


Of course, you cannot choose the first website you come across. It’s necessary to make a list of the best websites. Afterward, compare their proposals, match the ratio quality and price, and evaluate your financial possibilities. Make a reasonable and careful choice.


Remember a few more essential conditions. Your website must guarantee:


  • Monetary compensation. If your terms are accepted but some of them were violated, you should have the right to return your investments.
  • Full customization. This condition helps to regulate the price. Change any demands to your order until the price is suitable.
  • Discounts. Your agency is supposed to offer some beneficial discounts to save your money.

Customers’ support


Never underestimate the usefulness of a team of support! When you don’t understand some policies or some rules are unclear, only competent technicians can help you. Find a website that provides customer support 24/7. Thus, you’ll be able to access the chat room whenever you want and ask your questions.


Keep these criteria in your mind when you begin to look for professional support. In case your writing platform isn’t able to provide these services, seek another one. You cannot risk and should choose only a 100% trustworthy helping website.

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