Being a student is never easy. When you are at college, you are facing more and more challenges every single day. And, when you are a design student, chances are that you are facing much more challenges compared to most of your peers.

Academic assignments, lack of inspiration, poor time management, need for high-quality but intuitive tools – these are just a few of the many issues you may be going through. But, we are here to help you make your studies simpler!

In this article, we are going to tell you about some awesome sites, apps, and resources that will definitely come in handy and help you make your studies simple.

Design Student’s Help Kit: 8 Tools You Should Be Using

If you are tired of struggling with your studies, this article is for you! In the list below, you will find everything you need to make things simpler and ensure success.

My Study Life

It doesn’t matter if you are a History, Math, or Design student, there is one shared challenge that haunts everyone – the constant lack of time. We bet that this sounds familiar to each of you. But do you know how to fight it? If your answer is no, then My Study Life is all you need!

My Study Life is the ultimate tool to keep you on the right track every day! It is created specifically for students and it can be really handy. It enables you to schedule your tasks, deadlines, projects, and other things effectively. With this app, you can finally start managing your time the right way and, respectively, make your student life much simpler and way more enjoyable!


The next handy tool (or rather a resource) we’d like to share with you is EssayWritingService. This service is created for students of all academic levels and majors to make their studies simple and more enjoyable.

As a design student, you may not be really keen on writing. We get that. But, unfortunately, this won’t change the fact that you will have to write lots of academic papers throughout your college years. And that’s where EssayWritingService comes to your rescue. It is a place where you can hire professional writers who will take care of your academic tasks, while you can devote all your time to the things you enjoy.

Autodesk Design Academy

The next point on our list is also not quite a tool, rather a resource. But it still should be in every design student’s toolkit. Autodesk Design Academy is a great website that has a huge collection of project-based tutorials, courses, and helpful materials that can help you learn new things and excel in your skills from the comfort of your home.

The best thing about this site is that most of the helpful materials and tutorials you can find here are really great but absolutely free of charge.

WhiteBox Learning

Without exaggeration, our next point might be one of the handiest and most necessary tools for students. First of all, it offers great learning modules that will help you to take your skills and knowledge to the next level. But, what is even better is that WhiteBox also features intuitive CAD design simulations that enable you to create, analyze, and then build unique STEM applications.

With WhiteBox, you can design plenty of things, including rockets, cars, prosthetics, and much more. It blends together theory and practice, which is why you will love it!


If you haven’t heard of it yet, you should try it out immediately! Canva is one of our favorite online tools for graphic design. It is extremely simple to use. With its help, you can create cool projects in literally no time and even with no prior experience.

Canva is created to make designing for web or print enjoyable, quick, simple, and, most importantly, accessible to everyone. The app is free. It comes with a variety of cool features. And one more thing you should love about it is that it has a huge library of free graphics, templates, and photos that you can use for your projects.


Another tool design students can’t do without is Popplet. Although it has nothing to do with the creative part, it is really handy for planning your projects.

Popplet is created for organizing your ideas. It is an intuitive but effective mind mapping app that will help you organize all your ideas in fun maps and make sure that you never miss any important details.

Adobe Spark

Each of you is probably well familiar with a variety of Adobe products. They all are handy, high-quality, and extremely convenient. But, there are a few problems with them. Namely, most Adobe products (or, at least, their full versions) are only available as PC apps, they take up a lot of storage space, and, let’s face it, they can be pretty expensive. But none of this relates to Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark is a great web-based app for online and mobile graphic design. You can use it online from any supported device. Apart from this, Adobe Spark is also free of charge, which makes it perfect for students. And, finally, it is super intuitive, which means that even beginners can master it with ease and start creating cool web pages, videos, or images with no previous experience.

Best Web Gallery

What is one thing any designer can’t do without? Inspiration! Often, finding inspiration for your projects can be extremely hard, especially when you are a student, who spends 90% of their time doing boring homework and attending classes. But there is one resource that can change this.

Best Web Gallery is an online platform that offers you a constant flow of inspiration. This website features tons of breathtaking projects from the best artists. This is definitely a website that you should bookmark to ensure that you will never run out of ideas!

Wrapping Up

These are only a few of the many great tools available today. But, they are proven to be some of the best ones. So, we hope that each of you will find something interesting for you on this list!

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