As a learner driver, you need to make sure that you are insured. This is because it’s against the law to drive an uninsured car, and you may face serious consequences when you are involved in a car accident. The good news is that most third-party and comprehensive policies cover learner drivers. 

Even better, it’s easier to add yourself to your parent’s policy than acquiring a new policy using a learner’s permit. But you may need to pay an extra age excess fee once you file a claim. Your guardian or parent may need to pay a higher premium to cover you. However, if you own the car, then you have to be insured individually. This page discusses what you need to know about car insurance for learner drivers.

Understanding car insurance cover

If you have a car and decide to get a learner driver to the insurance, you need to get a Youi Car Insurance Quote. A learner driver is usually covered to drive your vehicle under supervision. And, they don’t have to be on separate insurance. Regardless of whether or not they are named, you can find insurance policies that state that they cover any person driving your vehicle. Also, you may not have to include a person if they own their car registered in their name.

You should always check if the insurance policy covers a learner driver before they drive. Most insurers can add a learner driver to your insurance policy for an extra fee. This fee tends to vary depending on the insurance company you want to use. This is an extra fee to some basic excess amount that you have to pay.

A car insurance excess refers to an amount that you need to pay for a claim when your car is damaged or lost. The cost for adding learner drivers to insurance policies that already exist is usually low compared to applying for separate insurance. The best way to know the level of coverage for adding a learner driver is by getting a quote from an insurance company.

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A driver learner who owns a vehicle

If you own a vehicle as a learner and you intend to be the main supervised driver, then you need to have your insurance policy. While learning to drive, the costs of car insurance can be lower if the car is a low-priced and reputable brand known for its safety. 

In most cases, it can also let the insurance company charge a low rate if you store your car in a secure place that is not prone to theft. Alternatively, you can do a defensive driving course that can help you to get a discount from a potential insurance company.

When you decide to accept a greater excess, it may also lower the cost of car insurance. If you send a claim for damages after a car accident, the premium can be cheaper if the excess is bigger. This can be besides your standard excess.

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