Car accidents are quite common today. Research shows that there are almost 6 million accidents each year in the US alone. Out of these, 3 million people end up with a minor injury, and another 2 million sustain permanent injuries. 

If you have been involved in a car accident, knowing what to do will help you prevent further injuries and also protect your claim. Here is what you should do if you are in a car accident.

Do Not Leave the Scene

It is also illegal to flee from the accident scene. Do not move the car or allow the driver to move the vehicle until the police arrive at the location. Check the area around you and only move if you sense any dangers like the possibility of an explosion.

Call the Authorities

One of the first calls that you should make after an accident is to the police. The police collect valuable evidence that can help you win your case should you decide to sue. They will record the witness statements and take photographs of the scene. They will also help determine who is at fault. 

Give the dispatcher your location and any landmarks, the number of people injured if you can tell, and briefly describe the scene, for example, if there are overturned cars or gas leaks. 

Importantly, you should also call a car accident attorney for expert legal advice.

Watch What You Say

Do not admit fault, even if you were driving the car or are partially responsible for the accident. Do not apologize to anyone or give statements or comments concerning the accident. 

Try also not to describe the extent of your injuries to others because you might not be able to tell how many injuries you have sustained. Remember, the police will collect witness statements, and, if they differ from your statement, you might find it hard to prove your claim. It would be better to call and wait for a DUI defense lawyer to come before you say anything.

Go to the Hospital

Often, people underestimate their injuries and fail to go to the hospital immediately after an accident. You might develop some complications later that might be too hard and costly to treat and prolong your recovery time. Doctor’s reports are very crucial in lawsuits. 

You also need to keep the doctor’s appointments to heal, both physically and psychologically. Failing to show for court appointments will give the defense a great opportunity to claim that you are not injured; thus, you should not receive any compensation or receive any sympathy from the jury. Follow your doctors’ advice to the letter. 

You will also need the medical records, including the expenses incurred when suing for personal injury. All auto accidents are serious. They take up a lot of time and may force you to take sick days. They should also be handled with care to avoid permanent injuries.

Take Pictures

If you can, try to take several pictures of the scene, vehicles, and your injuries. Be careful not to tamper with the scene in any way. If you cannot take pictures immediately, try to take some when you are in the hospital. Take as many photos as you can during the course of your treatment because you never know what will be valid to support your claim.

Talk to Your Lawyer and Find Out How to Deal with an Accident

If you have a valid case and are suing, stay private, and do not talk about the case to anyone apart from your lawyer. Refrain from posting pictures of the accident or you on your social media pages. You never know what might be used to dismiss your claim and cause you to lose your compensation. 

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