One of the most respected professions is that of an attorney. An attorney is a legal representative that practices law in different fields. If you are interested and want to Develop local business partnership or want to work for the public benefit, a law degree is going to come in handy. Attorneys enjoy loads of benefits and perks and are satisfied with their careers overall.

So, whether you want to know the Waiting time law in California or want justice for employment discrimination, a law degree will help. Today we will be going through all the reasons you should become a lawyer. 

Prestigious career

One of the number one reasons why people prefer the legal field is the prestige they come with. The field of law has lawyers, officers, judges, and many more well respectable jobs. This career, along with many other benefits, offers honor in society. 

When an individual thinks of a law career, they keep in mind the pay and the perks but often overlook the fact that it is also one the most respected careers right beside other professions like doctors or teachers.


The legal career also promises contentment. When individuals look for a career, they are looking for something that will let them sleep with a clean conscience.   As an attorney that works for public benefit, or for peace, and does pro bono work; satisfaction comes naturally. 

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The utter joy of being able to stand beside someone that’s been wrongly accused or save someone from an undeserved sanction is a huge triumph in itself.

Learning potential

A field that lets you grow and flourish is one that you must go for. As an attorney, you would not be living in a typical nine-to-five. Rather as an attorney, you will get an all-rounded experience from different people to different places; everything will teach you something new. 

Especially with so many subfields to specialize in, as an attorney, you will surely never stop learning. This will allow you to improve intellectually. As an attorney, you will be challenged with mind-boggling cases, complex matters and weak evidence. But they will also teach you active listening, critical thinking, and negotiation.


As an attorney, you will get a chance to practice many different laws. As a lawyer, you may deal with civil or criminal cases. They would further be divided into family court cases, contractual laws, or even torts. With so much diversity in the field, you will never get bored and get a chance to place your effort in something you will consider worthwhile.


Along with diversity, an attorney gets many perks. Unlike the typical cabin jobs, an attorney can initiate their law firm. Owing to the amazing pay scale, they can have an office to themselves, and many assistants working under them simultaneously.


Another reason why you may want to opt for the attorney career option is because of its earning potential. An attorney can earn anywhere from 60 grand a year to over 250k. This isn’t the limit though, many litigation lawyers take even more as their annual income, and the pay doesn’t seem to be shrinking anytime soon.

Final thoughts

An attorney is a great career option. Along with honor, the perks and earning potential are huge. You will learn about your duty and obligations and get a chance to save someone else’s. All in all the perfect opportunity if you’re willing to put in the hard work.

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