Remember the exercise ball you bought that came with some exercise tapes? You only used the damn ball  one time and ever since, it’s collected dust along with the rest of your ventures into wacky-exercise stuff (i.e. Shake Weight). Well now you can put that exercise ball to good use with this weird office chair that uses an exercise ball as its booty cushion. I’m sure you could even convince yourself that you’re working out while you surf the web and pretend to work. But deep down inside, you’ll know. Oh, you’ll know all right — that you look completely f***ing ridiculous sitting on that thing!

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  1. Hofgen

    Isn’t the whole point of sitting on an exercise ball that you have to use your muscles to stabilize it? Doesn’t this eliminate that?

  2. Happee

    I bought one of these from about 4 years ago to use at my office. It was a little strange in some ways at first, but I liked it immediately. You can’t really lean back against the “back” of the chair, and you just inherently are sort of shifting and fidgeting about (well, I’m a fidgeter) all day on this – so it really does keep you moving just in small movements (you can take exercise breaks if you want to, of course). I left that job to move cross-country a little over a year ago, and I’m actually sitting on the chair as I write this, at home. So if you are a person who finds that most chairs just aren’t comfortable or are too rigid, or you just want to try something new, I would recommend it. Everyone who tried my chair liked it; actually they tried to get me to leave it at the office when I left!