If you have someone at work bringing you coffee each morning, you’re a lucky, lucky individual. Rather than have to explain how you take your java to each and every new intern is beneath you. Have one of your minions order a personalized coffee mug to ensure that they always get it right. The Milk and Two Sugars Mug is a clever hand-printed earthenware piece that’s designed to look handwritten and slightly smudged. It comes personalized with a name and a checklist of coffee preferences, making the bleary-eyed morning ritual just a little bit easier for everyone involved. If you really want a perfect coffee every morning, why not apply for London barrista training near you to learn how to make the perfect coffee!

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  1. NinjaKitty

    That is awesome! However, living in the US, that will cost me almost $80!! Does anyone know of something similar in the US?

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