T-Shirts Lost In Translation

T-Shirts Lost In Translation

This is a series called English (Emphasis on “ISH”). It features t-shirts being sold in Tokyo’s Shibuya shopping district, all of which contain a nugget of truth, like “Money is like much not not,” “SORRY Probably, he is smart?” and “Anyone asks donkey is feel better.” None of which makes any damn sense. Okay, except the one that says Detroit Murder City. That… is probably the most accurate description possible. The pics were actually taken by my big brother’s childhood best friend’s friend, Alan. I hope he bought all of them. If he didn’t, well, Alan? You f***ed up. HARD. Send me a souvenir?















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9 thoughts on “T-Shirts Lost In Translation

  1. ld

    I would like you to go to your corner and feel sorry about putting Michoacan in this list.

  2. Random

    Based on the font, it was probably intended to say “Michigan” which uses this block font for most apparel.

  3. Ryan Gallagher

    Detroit really is sometimes called Murder City, obvs playing on orig Motor City nickname.

  4. Burrito D.

    Get out, F*ck down, and EASY RIDER naverminde buzzspunky are 2 items i GOT to have

  5. RoseMarieDC

    Yes, and it was correctly spelled, except for the accent on the last a.

    PS: Irrelevant to the article. Who chose that horrible avatar for those of us who choose not to have any?

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