The Golden Girls x Sailor Moon & More Incredible Links

The Golden Girls x Sailor Moon & More Incredible Links

The Golden Girls as Sailor Moon characters because this is the internet. [Neatorama]

A giraffe sucking a pole, because, again, this is the internet. [Daily Dot]

Finally! A beginner’s guide to leaving a store without buying anything. [Design Taxi]

Don’t mind me, just jamming out HARD to this car alarm. [Jezebel]

Adorable bread shaped like animals. [Buzzfeed]

Adorable animals on Roombas. [Mashable]

Adorable Roombas– just kidding. A trailer for The Hangover if it was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. [Laughing Squid]

When Loki does the weather he blames storms on Thor as evidenced by this clip of him doing exactly that.  [Geekologie]

Here’s a collection of nail art inspired by board games. [Diply]

A fan made herself this awesome Wonder Woman sweater and now you can too because she provided a pattern for it. Sweet! [Boing Boing]

SUSHI. BURGERS. [Foodiggity]

A new study says money can buy you happiness. Is anyone surprised? [ITV]

I can’t stop laughing at this cat photo series. [Imgur]

These dogs and duckling besties are so cute I might explode. Seriously! Just look at them! DaaaaaaAAAAAWWWWWW! *Explodes* [Pleated Jeans]

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