Dog Shaming: A New Internet Trend

Dog Shaming: A New Internet Trend

DogShaming is a Tumblr featuring pictures of dogs being publicly shamed for bad behavior. You know like, eating underwear/vomit/condoms, fighting with other dogs/children/the groomer, and humping things/people/other pets. I think it’s great, it’s about time dogs started taking responsibility for their actions! My dogs are terrible. One insists on eating his own @$$hole any time there’s company, and the other rips the nastiest gasses.  I swear — I fall in and out of consciousness on a daily basis!  It’s the lack of oxygen. Methane poisoning, if you will. Unfortunately, I don’t think public dog shaming is gonna work for them. They have no shame. 

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One thought on “Dog Shaming: A New Internet Trend

  1. Wendon Swift (Assistant dictated.)

    Dog shaming is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. It should be re-named People who cannot train their dogs’s shaming. As the founder of California Against Animal Cruelty working on heinous animal cruelty cases over a decade and a certified trainer I just don’t find this funny. Neither do animal lovers or people who work on heinous animal cases that your state is too busy to handle that we take on. Walk in OUR shoes for a day and if you still find “animal shaming” funny. Let me know then. Founder of California Against Animal Cruelty and MUSE for Kids Against Animal Cruelty with over 16 global chapters today.

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