We’ve already seen how much makeup can do to transform an ordinary woman into a model even before Photoshop. But this video shows the entire process of turning this attractive woman into something completely unattainable, including make-up, hair, and image editing. So even with a team of people making sure the lighting is perfect and that not a single strand of hair is out of place, even she’ll never look the way she looks in the finished product. That’s because they’ve made her eyes bigger, her legs longer, ribcage smaller, neck longer—the list goes on.



Via: Upworthy


  1. babbington

    For a little dose of reality, check out celebrityclose-up.com When you view celebrities really close, you can see that they are far from the perfect beings shown in magazines and movies.

  2. The_Strawbear

    Our standard?

    Speak for yourselves.

  3. danielf

    that’s not a model, any person in the world can see that, that video is fake, just to make people with low self esteem happier about themselves and think it’s all society’s fault

  4. Facilalilaty

    How is this fake? They took a plain Jane female model, did a stop time of several hours of makeup, makeover and extensions, then took some images of that made-up girl and photoshopped them even further for the resulting image…exactly as they demonstrated. It’s not fake – they said exactly how it demonstrated how any person can be altered to look beautiful by altering makeup and imaging.

  5. Mac Review

    They did not make adjustments to her feet, yet it is facing in a different direction in the edited photo. Fake!

  6. Amber

    I you would’ve watched the video, you would know it’s not the same photo, but it’s also not fake 😉

  7. Amber


  8. LannisterLion

    hey genius, her feet are subtly moving the whole time they are messing with her hair and applying makeup. hence their different position once the pre-edited photo is snapped.

  9. winrar89

    My standard of beauty is even more strict than societies. I only date girls with at least a good sized thigh gap, and are extremely thin. Also I mostly date asian girls.

    I am just only attracted to really thin women, I do not find girls who are average size to be attractive at all.

    Even the girl in the after photo is not that thin I don’t think.

  10. Tim

    I hate when people show photoshopped images and say its “societies standard for beauty” as IF we aren’t able to look at real women in real life and see what beauty is. As an artist myself, its fun to “idealize” beauty on paper. its a way of self expression..exaggerating qualities you find attractive as a way to tell the viewer..this is what i find attractive. its not in anyway shape or form trying to say this is how women should look, Advertisers started showing so called “ideal beauty” as a way to make women think “if i buy that product, i will look like that” . but instead, women took away the wrong message and started thinking” if i don’t look like that, I’m not beautiful”. I never believed that was the intent of the of the media. So, to answer the question. No photo editing has not gone too far..it serves its purpose. and its not their fault people start looking at it thinking that’s some how depicting the way people are supposed to look. its called art. and since the renaissance..artistic depictions of people have always been exagerated and idealized to some extent.

  11. murphy

    In other words, this women or this beauty does not exist.

  12. 0rd

    She looked great after hair, makeup, and lighting. The photoshop distortions and plastic skin effects do not make her more beautiful, they just make her look creepy and unreal.

  13. 85/62/88 in age 35

    Thanks gooddes! That means you won’t leave the progeny! Hurra, the idiot’s genes will disappear! To have a baby I got some size to ge the healthy woman not a skeleton and my husband, friend and family is happy. Well, next to American “average” women I still look like the victim of Auschwitz…

  14. realisticbunny

    umm the only thing that is fake is how it gets edited in photoshop. EVERYTHING you see in print, is edited like this. It’s a standard to photoshop everything, so anyone who looks at any magazine, even fitness ones, house and home, food magazines everything is photoshopped to look commercial. Including candid pictures. Men who don’t know any better believe even the models look as they do. In person I have met many celebrities including Angelina Jolie… and none are remotely close as they are in movies and mags. NONE. Angelina too is heavily enhanced in everything you see. She has good features all the same, but they like to change her natural beauty to an artificial one.
    So this montage, is not fake. It shows you how they go from model to magazine shoot. This is how it is!
    As a response to the person who prefers only extremely thin girls, with a gap, well, a gap is like a 1 in 100+ women and most women are getting lipsuction to get it if they really want it. Magazines all photoshop women to have it, and so it’s not so easy, to step back from every woman you meet, and check out her gap rather than maybe her beautiful face, and think “oh.. she is good for me” based on her gap? hmmm. Then women should all base their taste in men on height, hair, size of P**** and muscle mass. There goes 98% of all men right?

  15. Dylan

    Hi, I’m 2%. Nice to meet you.