Pokémon GO - How to sell an account? At what price?

Pokémon GO - How to sell an account? At what price?

Notice to Pokémon hunters in augmented reality, your hidden talents of trainer can be lucrative! Learn how to sell your Pokémon GO account for up to several hundred dollars.


Playing Pokémon GO is a full time activity. Capturing all the Pokémon, training them to fight, evolving them and conquering the arena requires hours of play. In order to preserve their precious time, some people prefer to spend money and buy pokémon go account directly. A phenomenon that makes the happiness of the most talented players.


The accounts are sold directly on the internet, through sites like eBay, specialized forums or even via platforms exclusively dedicated to these transactions. Competition requires, prices start at    less than $ 1 for a basic account level 12. They can however reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars for high-level accounts with rare and powerful Pokémon and many achievements. The Guardian reports for example the sale of an account for 1500 dollars on eBay, by a player posing  as an indebted student.


A virtual Eldorado already saturated


Before leaving your job to devote yourself entirely to collecting Pokémon, it is important to qualify this utopian vision of a virtual Eldorado. There are many more resellers today than   buyers. If you really want to profit from a possible resale, make sure your account has real added value.


The game is still recent. As a result, this parallel market is not yet stabilized. With luck, it is possible to take advantage of the craze to resell at an expensive price an account whose value is likely to fade in a short time. At the moment, for example, level 25 accounts with a Dracolosse at 2000 Combat Points can easily find a buyer.


Over time, the Pokémon GO hype may run out of steam. If you’re going to sell an account, it’s better to do it now. However, the future integration of the next generations of Pokémon should naturally renew the interest of the players. Similarly, Niantic Labs has announced that an update next would exchange Pokémon between players. It will then become technically possible to sell directly the most rare and coveted Pokémon…


A practice strictly prohibited by Niantic Labs


It is very important to note that the Pokémon GO Terms and Conditions strictly prohibit the sale, resale or rental of an account. Resold accounts are likely to be closed. Since the release of the application, Niantic Labs is very strict with cheaters and people who bought an account, and   does not hesitate to operate without warning. For good reason, trading accounts is a practice that greatly affects the balance in online games, and can deter “honest” players from continuing their progression.


How to resell a Pokémon GO account?


Reselling a Pokémon GO account is easy. It is sufficient for the reseller to communicate his Username and password to the buyer. As a precaution, expect obviously to receive the money before transmitting this information. It is also preferable to sell a registered account to the Pokémon Trainer Club, an account linked to a Google ID.


To attract the barge, consider highlighting the main benefits of your account. Feel free to look at your ad description, incorporate screenshots of your rarest Pokémon, your success page or your well-filled Pokédex. A large amount of Star Dust is also a good selling point. Also think about not choosing a team, to give the buyer the freedom to decide which faction he wants to join.


Many options are available to resell a Pokémon GO account. Some sites are more popular than others, and give you better visibility. However, it is better to choose a more discreet and secure site. Here is an overview of the main resale platforms.




The PlayerUp site is the most secure platform for transactions between video game players. There are Pokémon GO accounts, but also account boosting and power leveling services. Currently, the site has about 5000 Pokémon GO account offers. Level 30 accounts are around $ 25. The CEO of PlayerUp states that no game has ever generated so many offers in such a short time in the past. He also believes that the market should continue to grow once players have experimented the game by themselves.




You can use Facebook to resell your Pokémon GO account. For example on the social network is a public group called Pokemon Go Accounts, with more than 16,000 members. The announcements and offers break there, for a price between 25 and 500 dollars.




The famous private sales site, Craigslist, has countless offers of Pokémon GO Accounts. The level of accounts 25 to 30 are listed for a price located around 300 dollars. The price collapses to $ 30 for 20+ level accounts.




A recent popular website to buy & sell Pokémon accounts, very easy and clean design. You can browser up to 4000+ accounts for sale. The concept and easy checkout and the nice features of this website.




On eBay, searching for the keyword “Pokémon GO account” opens access to a large gallery of offers. Most sellers state that they have not chosen a team, and highlight their most powerful Pokémon with a screenshot. We note, however, that many offers do not attract any bids. On the other hand, level 30 accounts easily reach $ 30 to $ 40.


Image Source:  Pexels.com


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