Baseball Fan Tries To Catch Foul Ball, Gets Nacho-ed In The Face

This is a video of a man at a baseball game going hard for the foul ball, but he ends up nacho-ing himself in the face and losing his beer. Admittedly, it’s from last week, but I forgot about it until this morning. You know, this morning? This Monday morning which has been a total shit show from the moment I opened my eyes, which had an ant in it and then everything went downhill from there which I didn’t even realize was possible. Why has this happened? I don’t know, because the gods hate me? So, yes, this video surfaced last week and I immediately forgot about it but it was this morning when I was reminded of it, I thought to myself “Now’s as good a time as any.” And that’s basically all she wrote. Well, that, and everything else she (me) has typed thus far. Clearly I need ~10 more cups of coffee and/or an intervention for my entire life.

Via: Deadspin

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